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Deskcenter is offering KT & AM

In the current COVID-19 times things had to happen fast and it affects us all. We want to help!

Use our software for free and choose to receive managed services at cost.

  • Deskcenter – Keeping Track
    Helps sort out your rushed home office and remote location rollouts of the last weeks and maintains detailed inventory details going forward.
  • Deskcenter – Assets Managed
    Makes your remote and home assets highly manageable, including the immediate and continued capability of software deployment and patch management

Key to it all is knowing your new infrastructure, maintaining and updating it, as well as keeping it secure.

  • Deskcenter has created two asset management packages to help you do this and more.
  • Cost are kept at a minimum and there are no hidden costs and no obligations to continue using the software, once you decide to stop its use.

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Inventory your Home Offices

1. Deskcenter KT  Keeping Track

Keeps track of your remote / home office based assets (i.e. systems, laptops, printers and any other company issued assets).

  • What Deskcenter-Keeping Track delivers on an automated basis:
    • keeps track of who has which assets where
    • tracked assets incl. assigned user, serial number, make, model, plus assigned data
    • purchase and other commercial details
  • Know what’s installed.
    • Understand configuration and security issues.
    • Keep track of end point protection, AV, Windows Firewall
    • Ensure local volumes are secured with encryption
    • Keep track of local user accounts and groups
    • Identify early problems, such as disk space
    • Identify hardware and software changes
  • £500.- setup fee
  • otherwise free of charge until 1st October 2020 with no obligations thereafter

Manage your assets remotely

2. Deskcenter AM Assets Managed

Deskcenter-AM makes your remote and home assets highly manageable, including the immediate and continued capability of software deployment and patch management.

  • Deskcenter-AM has access to the Deskcenter Software Recognition and the Deskcenter AppCloud with 200+ pre-packaged and always up-to-date applications, ready to deploy straight onto your system assets, allowing you to:
    • enhance the Inventory with full software recognition
    • build and store your own software packages
    • deploy software packages and patches wherever your remote devices are located
    • Deploy and run remote scripts to provide remote management of assets
  • Deskcenter-AM ensures…
    • all software across all computer assets are patched (Microsoft and Third Party).
    • all software kept up to date with corporate software policies.
    • security & vulnerability management of all assets is optimized.
    • Easily and quickly provide fix’s and configuration changes
  • Flat fee of £0,55
    per asset per month
  • until 1st October 2020, with no obligations thereafter

06.04.2020 | Setting up home office

We at Deskcenter went through it all as well and we want to help.

See our story on how we managed it and the challenges we overcame using our own technology.

Getting home offices ready at Deskcenter

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