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Mobile Device Management

Decentrally used centrally managed.

    Diversity enriches if it can be controlled.

    Diversity enriches when it can be controlled. But do you manage them as reliably and efficiently as servers, routers and the stationary PC in the office? Deskcenter Mobile Device Management makes your life easier. With it, you control mobile devices with iOS, MacOS or Android operating systems centrally: From creating the user profile, to assigning apps, to setting up WLAN access.

    Safe. Efficient. Compliant.

    Mobile Device Management from Deskcenter works automatically. You can install and configure applications and operating systems in no time. On top of that, you ensure that personal or internal company data can be reliably deleted remotely in case of loss or theft of the end device.

    Whether iOS, macOS or Android- you will not miss anything

    Deskcenter Mobile fully inventories iOS, macOS and Android devices, recognizes the device and reads out all available device information. The automated rollout of applications can be done with just a few clicks. You use policies to determine which apps are installed and updated for a user group without your intervention.

    Ob iOS oder Android – Ihnen entgeht nichts
    Automatisierung zentral gemanagt

    Access to documents – always and everywhere

    Accessing files from home, at the coffee shop, or at a client site? A piece of cake with Deskcenter Mobile Files. The online file share for Android and iOS allows mobile access to documents via our mobile server. Choose between our cloud server hosted in Germany or the on-premise variant. The basic version provides 100 GB of storage volume, which can be expanded in increments of 100 GB – dynamically if required.

    Secure information exchange

    With Deskcenter Mobile Messenger, employees exchange text messages including file attachments on their mobile iOS or Android devices. If that is not enough, you can also use our Mobile Browser Messenger. It allows sending messages via browser – cross-platform for Windows, MacOS and Linux to the Messenger app on mobile iOS and Android devices, secured via the company-internal Deskcenter Mobile infrastructure. Deskcenter’s messengers thus offer a perfect chat channel for exchanging confidential data: ideal for tax consultants and their clients, doctors and labs or IT admins and their service providers. For the fast distribution of a message to colleagues, there is also the broadcast. This allows a message to be sent to anyone who has the Messenger app installed on their smartphone or the Messenger browser open.

    Sicherer Informationsaustausch – über Deskcenter Messenger und Deskcenter Exchange, Deskcenter VPN
    Admin Oberfläche

    Automated onboarding and offboarding

    Make new employees quickly ready for work or immediately delete data from the smartphone and tablet of employees who have left? Deskcenter Mobile Device Management makes it possible. For this, you assign a user via the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) and configure his settings and apps. This way, the device can even be sent to the user in its original packaging. As soon as the device connects to the WLAN, the installation starts automatically. In the same way, BYOD devices can be used to remove business configurations, data and apps when employees leave the company. It couldn’t be simpler.

    Advantages that pay off

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    Inventory, manage and configure Android and Apple devices (iOS and macOS) centrally. For educational institutions, we support Apple School Manager.

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    Maximum data protection is ensured by encryption and password policies. Device lost or stolen? Immediately erase internal data remotely and wipe or lock the device via Lost Mode.

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    Reduce manual tasks through automated configuration and installation of apps and updates.

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    Using our secure messenger app, on-duty chatting is possible without risk.

    Mobile Device Management in detail

    You can find more information about Deskcenter Mobile Device Management here:

    Seamless integration for smooth processes

    With Deskcenter Mobile Device Management, you offer your employees the greatest possible flexibility and outstanding convenience in their daily work. To ensure that this does not lead to friction losses in IT or security risks for your company, Deskcenter offers a number of additional modules:

    Frau, die Präsentiert

    How to quickly become productive

    Deskcenter software is available for installation on premises, either as a classic full license or in a subscription model. Alternatively, Deskcenter offers you the use from the cloud as Software as a Service (SaaS). Our Professional Services Team as well as competent, certified partners will be happy to support you during the implementation. And to make sure that your start with Deskcenter is a perfect one, we regularly offer compact trainings, including an introduction to the Deskcenter Report Designer for your individual reporting.

    How can you optimally control your mobile devices with Deskcenter Mobile Device Management?

    We will be happy to answer your individual questions!