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IT Service Desk and Service Catalogue

Achieving more with existing resources

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    A + in efficiency and quality that benefits everyone

    Providing faster and better service whilst not “overwhelming” your own people: IT managers are all to well aware of this challenge. An IT service desk solution with an integrated service catalogue can help you increase both productivity and service quality of your support team, by reducing the workload of your team, as well as increasing user productivity. A value chain that benefits the entire organization.

    Your Deskcenter Advantages

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    user satisfaction

    Increase user acceptance by providing a single point of contact for problems, questions, and requests – including a self-service portal.

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    Work seamlessly with all necessary data from inventory, IT asset and license management.

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    Accelerate your operational and response times with workflows and trigger processes such as ticket creation, approval or software deployment with more ways to automate

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    Increase service quality by reducing manual intervention and thus sources for errors.

    Higher team efficiencies for better customer service.

    A complete IT service desk solution helps you in the daily balancing act of scarce IT resources and increasing user needs.

    Quality results and increasing satisfaction comes from quality

    High user satisfaction is seen one of the most important success factors for most organizations. With end-to-end service management and a resulting improvement in service availability and quality, you can significantly increase user as well as customer acceptance and satisfaction. Providing additional self-service offerings, you can do one better.

    Hohe Qualität nach innen und außen
    Volle Transparenz für optimale Hilfe

    Best possible transparency results in optimal help

    We believe it to be extremely important that agents can see as much information as possible when they first open a ticket. Hardware assets, operating system versions, software patch status, etc.: This all this helps to quickly narrow down causes and identify error sources.

    Faster resolutions via automation

    If you use workflows to define, automate and accelerate processes, you will make your service management demonstrably more efficient and flexible. Automation acts as a booster for service desk processes, whether it’s the automatic creation of tickets or the processing of requests and approvals. Create a real win-win with less processing time at the service desk and shorter response times for the user.

    Geschwindigkeit durch Automatisierung
    Illustration Softwareverteilung

    Integration: Turbo for ticket resolution

    Automation paired with the seamless integration of license management and software deployment: This way, a ticket is solved in no time, with fewer manual steps, less email ping-pong and fewer escalations.

    The Building Blocks for your smooth Service Management

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    How can you make the best use of your existing resources and also increase your service quality?

    We are herefor you to tell you more.