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Subscription, SaaS, full license or for the cloud or on-premise

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    Usage options for every need

    Your requirements for an IT management solution are complex – for good reason. That’s why the software must also be geared to you and not the other way around. This applies to the functionality as well as to the usage and billing model. That’s why Deskcenter offers you several, flexible options. Each of them is tailored to your requirements as managing director, IT or controlling manager. We also have the right offer for IT service providers and partners of Deskcenter. The right choice for everyone.

    Your Deskcenter advantage

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    Determine the duration of your licenses and thus your billing mode. Per month, per quarter – or another time window.

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    In addition to the runtime, you also define the number of licenses. If required, a pay-per-use model is possible.

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    Benefit from technical support and software upgrades at no extra charge.

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    Pay in advance for the agreed term and secure interesting price advantages.

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    of choice

    Choose between operating in your IT environment or in the cloud.

    All Deskcenter usage and billing models at a glance

    Buying and installing licenses, maintaining software, installing updates, running backups … Software operations used to be very one-dimensional. Today, you have very different options, on premises and from the cloud. Find the model that suits you at Deskcenter.

    Software license purchase

    Even though cloud solutions are becoming increasingly widespread: The traditional purchase of on-premise software licenses is still common. Here, you acquire a perpetual right to install the software in your infrastructure or the cloud, depending on the license type purchased, and to use it via your employees’ devices. There are no ongoing license costs, only an annual fee for customer support and technical upgrades. Additional licenses can be purchased at any time. The most important advantage of this model is that you can use the software indefinitely. This can bring you cost advantages over several years. The disadvantages are the commitment to the manufacturer and the comparatively higher start-up costs. If you like to “own” your software, you are well advised to buy a license. This license model is only available for end customers of Deskcenter. As a partner, you can choose from the following license models.

    Finanzielle Ressourcen clever schonen
    Durch Vorauszahlungen für die vereinbarte Laufzeit lässt sich jedoch oft noch der ein oder andere Kostenspar-Effekt erzielen.


    As an alternative to purchasing licenses, companies are increasingly opting for the time-limited use of software. The advantage is clear: the costs can be calculated in advance on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis – including customer support and upgrades. In addition, the scope can be flexibly adapted to your needs, depending on whether more or fewer assets need to be managed at any given time. It’s easier on the accounting side, too: no capitalization or depreciation is required on the balance sheet for clear-sized accounts. Even the change to another solution or software element at the end of the term can be flexibly implemented. However, this flexibility can lead to somewhat higher usage costs when viewed over several years. By making advance payments for the agreed term, however, it is often possible to achieve one or the other cost-saving effect. You can use the software in your IT environment or in the cloud, as you wish.

    Pay per use for end customers and partners

    With this modern form of use from the cloud, there are no limits to flexibility. There is even a billing model without any time or volume-based commitment. However, this model, known as pay-per-use, is associated with a corresponding surcharge to cover all the necessary setup costs.

    Pay per Use für Endkunden und Partner
    Booster für Ihre Produktivität

    Software as a Service (SaaS)

    You would like to use Deskcenter as a cloud solution, but you are afraid of the effort of operating your own private cloud? No problem. Selected resellers and system houses also offer the Deskcenter Management Suite as Software as a Service (SaaS). Learn more about Deskcenter’s SaaS offer here

    Modularity in license and function

    The Deskcenter software is as flexible as the license models. It offers you individually add-on, seamlessly integrated modules for Asset Discovery & Inventory Management, Software Management, License Management, Service Management and Mobile Device Management. The team of our Professional Services as well as competent, certified partners will support you during the set-up – and the seamless integration into your IT infrastructure. And to ensure that your start with Deskcenter is a success, we offer compact training courses for you and your team, including instruction in our Deskcenter Report Designer for your individual reporting.

    Which model would make sense for you? We will be happy to calculate your options with you!

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