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Deskcenter Advisory

With a comprehensive information overview to best possible decisions.

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    Actionable Facts ready-to-go

    Thight budgets and a shortage of skilled staff, but a flood of ransomware, viruses and Trojans. Not to mention the challenges posed by distributed IT infrastructures and an increasing number of remote workstations. It is a real challenge to set up a cost-optimized and secure IT operation under these conditions.

    The Deskcenter Advisory helps you to master this balancing act. Over 25 ready-to-use dashboards let you identify potential savings, security gaps and a lot more to manage your IT infrastructure more efficiently. For example, valuable tips on how to reduce licensing and maintenance costs.

    3 benefits in one

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    Full overview of hardware and software in use and all license types.

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    Identify infrastructure risks to operating systems, databases, apps and more.

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    Cost savings

    Discover unused hardware and software to reduce licensing, operating and maintenance costs.

    Complete overview. Gives solid insights. Makes for better decisions.

    Deskcenter Advisory offers you up-to-date and detailed analysis of your IT infrastructure at any time. The Advisory Center can be managed in-house or provided via your IT service provider.

    Your IT infrastructure comprehensively managed

    To optimally manage your IT infrastructure, a complete overview is essential and that on a regular or ad-hoc basis. This is provided without any manual effort with Deskcenter automating the discovery and inventory of all hardware and software. And when we say all software, we mean all: licensed, open source, freeware, everything. This enables you to optimally consult and decide on, prepare and execute on any required or wanted IT infrastructure changes. Fast and effectively.

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    Securing the fort

    Discontinued software, outdated databases or incomplete patching of apps and operating systems are some of the main targets of most cyberattacks. Users might also prove resourceful at circumventing security policies – for example, using portable apps to transfer data via unauthorized peer-to-peer software. With the Deskcenter Advisory, you’ll uncover security holes and are able to pull the rug out from under the intruders feet. Thus protecting your organization from leakage of personal data and/or loss of valuable proprietary information.

    Reliably identifying potential savings

    Different applications that perform the same or very similar tasks tend to be abound in companies. The Advisory can provide analysis of your diverse software in use and shows you how to optimize implemented software by use and functionality. Not only will you save money on licensing, but you’ll also reduce running, maintenance, training and support costs. Deskcenter’s Advisory Center dashboards provide you with all relevant information at a glance.

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    The basis for correct decisions is complete data

    Frau, die Präsentiert

    The Deskcenter Management Suite is seamlessly integrated into our Asset Discovery and Inventory Management module. It detects clients, servers, hypervisors, mobile devices, printers plus all other IT assets, including all relevant device information. Additionally, the Deskcenter Software Catalog identifies, categorizes and normalizes all installed applications including license type, release and patch status. It’s all there to give you the answers you need.

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