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Enterprise Mobility Management

Thinking mobility completely makes you completely superior.

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    Mobility thought through to the end – IT fully under control

    You’ve probably already integrated mobile device management (MDM) into your IT strategy. Then you’re on the home stretch. With MDM, you can inventory and configure iOS, macOS and Android devices, install mobile apps automatically, apply security policies and delete data remotely. But have you thought through the control of mobile devices to the end? Because it’s enterprise mobility management (EMM) that ensures you finish the job. EMM extends your mobile device management to include mobile devices such as laptops or tablets with Windows operating systems, handheld scanners or navigation devices. The goal is achieved: With Enterprise Mobility Management, your workforce works securely and productively – regardless of the device.

    Your advantage with Deskcenter: Company and employees in view

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    Inventory and configure all mobile devices automatically and completely.

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    High safety

    Reliably implement GDPR requirements, allow only allowed apps to be installed, and manage version levels.

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    Benefit from centralized interfaces for installation, updates and support – whether iOS, macOS, Android or Windows.

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    Enable CYOD, COPE, and BYOD strategies while complying with policies and security requirements.

    Enterprise Mobility in a nutshell

    With Enterprise Mobility Management, you can ensure a secure, mobile working environment. Read how here.

    iOS-, MacOS- und Android-Endgeräte inventarisieren Sie mit Deskcenter Mobile vollumfänglich

    iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS

    Inventory iOS, MacOS and Android devices with Deskcenter Mobile. Devices with Windows operating system and mobile devices such as scanners or navigation systems can be identified via our solution for Discovery & Inventory. This way, hardly any questions remain unanswered: You have a complete inventory of all mobile clients and servers. You can immediately detect and block non-compliant or unauthorized devices.

    Guarantee data security

    Protecting corporate and personal data is a top priority for smartphones and tablets – and at the same time represents the greatest risk. Secure access and the prevention of data loss are therefore just as indispensable as compliance with data protection guidelines according to DSGVO. With Deskcenter, you control data access based on rights and roles. If necessary, you can lock smartphones in no time or delete the data on them in case of loss or theft. You can monitor version and patch levels and identify potentially risky applications. And with an enterprise appstore, you can reliably determine in advance which apps an end user is allowed to install on his or her smartphone or tablet.

    Automatisierung zentral gemanagt

    Optimized processes like on an assembly line

    From smartphones to tablets to laptops, automated workflows tailored to each device type save you time on setup and regular maintenance. And you can use policies to determine which apps are automatically installed and updated for a user group. So you can integrate new devices or employees in the shortest possible time. For relief in the IT area and faster on-boarding.


    CYOD, COPE and BYOD require one thing above all: clear rules. Otherwise, there will always be difficulties in separating private and business data. With Deskcenter, you can reliably enforce regulations by setting up separate profiles for private life and work on the devices – in accordance with the DSGVO. Shadow IT is no longer an issue with Deskcenter. You can track down every device that logs into your network and immediately block unauthorized iOS, MacOS or Android devices.


    Components of Enterprise Mobility Management

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