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Remote Digital Workspace

The human being in the center.

    For optimal user experience, anytime, anywhere

    New Work makes it a fact that users no longer just work in an office, but in their home offices and/or in other off-site locations. In addition, the expectations of users have changed. Today, IT services are expected function like online shopping: Requested today, delivered soon after. Similarly, the proportion of the use of cloud applications is growing. All this placing additional demands on managing your IT. The good news: The Deskcenter Management Suite, enables management control and IT security as well as compliance over your remote assets, also allowing for optimal services – no matter for where and when.

    Users and IT are joint beneficiaries

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    Inspiring users with efficient services creates user satisfaction.

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    IT has a complete view and control of all assets, their status, security, compliance and eligibility at all times.

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    The above allows to continuously optimize IT costs and streamline IT processes, freeing up IT resources.

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    Automated documentation and monitored licensing ensures internal and legal compliance.

    Global control over your IT infrastructure

    Deskcenter’s holistic IT Asset Management Suite offers you the all-round efficient management of your Digital Workspaces. Here’s how and why

    Excellent service delights users

    Employees often measure the quality of their IT by the accessibility and availability of their assets and applications as well as by the efficiency of services provided. A self-service portal with a comprehensive knowledge base helps in several ways. Problems are solved more quickly, getting users productive again sooner. And when it comes to requesting new software, a new printer or other services, the best IT help desk is the one you don’t have to use at all, if these things are provided via a self-service portal.

    One-Stop-Shop: Selfservice Portal
    Volle Transparenz, egal wo

    Complete transparency, no matter where

    Out of sight, out of mind? No so! The detailed discovery and inventory of all assets delivers the basis for managing distributed and hybrid IT landscapes. Centralized management of all asset data, contracts, documents and licenses gives you full monitoring control over all assets that reside and act on your network.

    Enhanced IT security

    Cybersecurity will remain a continuing step-ahead challenge. This makes it all the more important to identify and close security gaps as quickly as possible, scanning your entire IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities and roll out patches and/or changes as quickly as possible. An automated deployment lets you keep all assets up to date without with minimal possible efforts. By targeted, remotely enabled deletion of data, you can put a stop to loss of confidential data through for example unauthorized apps or lost mobile assets.

    Sicherheit geht vor
    Finanzielle Ressourcen clever schonen

    Optimizing IT costs

    Expensive licenses that go unused. Lengthy packaging and testing of new software updates. Tedious report generation for audits. These and many more items tie up valuable resources and strain IT budget. Standardized and automated processes within Deskcenters IT Asset Management will optimize time, cost and effort, allowing these to be expended on other important projects.

    Best possible compliance

    Deskcenter ensures your license compliance as well as audit readiness at any time. It helps prevent users from installing unauthorized software, creating a potentially dangerous and unmanaged shadow IT. Deskcenter ITAM managing your Digital Workspaces also document which vulnerabilities have been identified and addressed in your remote IT infrastructure, supporting process and legal compliance.


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