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Software Management

Switching to autopilot!

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    Software assignments & availability with ease

    From an operating system, through to standard as well as custom applications up to the software components,  with Deskcenter’s Software Management, you manage, plan and organize all tasks around the availability and security of your software – no matter if it’s the initial setup of a device or the deployment of updates and patches. The extent to which you automate your software deployments is entirely up to you. Additionally, the thought might occur, there’s no way around manual packaging. That’s basically correct. However, if you wish, you can also leave this to our managed packaging service, the AppCloud. Here, we ensure that all software assets and associated clients in your IT infrastructure can be updated or deployed effortlessly and are securely up to date.

    Centralized. Standardized. Automated.

    Deskcenter Software Management eases your workload in several ways:

    Illustration OS Deployment

    OS Deployment

    OS deployment is the automated installation of complete server and desktop operating systems on multiple assets. It doesn’t matter whether you install an operating system on mobile devices or desktop computers – the automatic driver detection and rule-based processes ensure a quick installation of the operating systems without further effort. Deskcenter’s OS deployment not only saves you manual effort and time. You also close security gaps and guarantee or improve the performance of devices – centrally controlled and fully automated.

    • All hardware platforms, all Windows operating systems
    • Complete migration to a new Windows version
    • In-place upgrades: installation of an improved OS version while retaining all settings and programs

    Software Deployment

    Today, a company’s pool of assets can resemble a zoo: all kinds of operating system variants abound, and that on an ever-increasing number of devices. The deployment of software packages and applications on servers, desktops and mobile devices is therefore more complex than ever. That’s where Deskcenter lets you define the conditions and rules for software deployment, depending on the endpoint. These standardized automatisms reduce sources of error and allow for comfortable, time-saving and trouble-free installations – even for devices that are not permanently logged into the company network, because the users work in a home office or are out in the field.

    • Location-independent configurable deployment methods of all types (network share, ftp(s), http / https etc.)
    • Automatically synchronized, web-based deployment lists, with bandwidth and access management
    • Graphic workflow designer for rule-based updates
    • Predefined workflow tasks, such as license check, Active Directory verifications, file and registry actions
    Illustration Softwareverteilung
    Illustration Patchmanagement

    Patch Management

    It used to be a matter of user convenience, but today it is a central cyber security concern for your business: Patching. Deskcenter, and not only for Microsoft products, enables you to deliver on this crucial security element for your IT infrastructure. Deskcenter patches software across a multitude of vendors – even for assets that are not permanently logged in to the corporate network. With the added convenience of the AppCloud you can take another worry out, as it provides already by Deskcenter tested packages. The more automated a process is configured, the more secure your IT infrastructure becomes and you can rest assured, while focusing on other tasks.

    • Rapid roll-out of patches from leading software vendors including Microsoft
    • For Microsoft servers, independent of Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)
    • Optional integration into an already existing WSUS installation

    Ready-packaged standard software

    Anyone who has ever taken on the preparation and adaptation of software packages for installation knows: this work is complex, time-consuming and error-prone. Wouldn’t it be more efficient if you could take over the latest updates applications already packaged per Click & Deploy? The Deskcenter AppCloud makes it possible. Thanks to hundreds of ready-to-distribute packages, you save time-consuming configuration and effort. And because the packages are already tested, you can start with the installation immediately.

    • Over 300 standard applications ready-packaged in German and English
    • Tested for easy, automatic rollout
    • Continuously updated and new applications being added into the AppCloud
    • Adding and updating of customer-own packages possible
    Fertig paketierte Software
    Softwarepaketierung as a Service

    Software Packaging (as a Service) with the AppCloud

    You also use some custom applications? No problem for our software experts: they package and test your applications carefully and update them regularly. If you prefer to do it yourself, we also provide you with an individual AppCloud environment for creating your own software deployment packages.

    • Packaging service by experienced experts
    • Do-it-yourself alternative with Deskcenter Package Studio
    • Create MSI files with all necessary enterprise extensions, such as 32/64-bit mixed mode

    Clear advantages that pay dividends

    Time saving

    Thanks to the high level of automation, you save a lot of valuable time that your staff can put to good use elsewhere.


    Patch not only continuously, but also as quickly as possible. This will reduce the risk of security attacks.

    Service quality

    Ensure the quality of your updates and patches thanks to standardized processes and the packages we test.


    Ensure uninterrupted operational processes. Create a productive working environment for all employees.

    Software Management in detail

    For more information on OS deployment, software deployment and packaging with Deskcenter, click here:

    Integrated with your IT

    Thanks to integration possibilities via our API, the Deskcenter Management Suite can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT architecture. To get the most out of your IT management, we recommend to use Deskcenter Software Management in addition with:

    Frau, die Präsentiert

    Productive as soon as possible

    Using Deskcenter, you have three options: You install on-premise, use the solution in a subscription model or as a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud implementation. Our Professional Services team as well as competent, certified partners can take on the implementation for you. Attending our compact training courses, will enable you to use Deskcenter effectively at all times..

    Do you have further software deployment questions or requirements for your own IT infrastructure?

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