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The Deskcenter Support – we are there for you

As a reliable partner, we are happy to assist you with any questions you may have about the Deskcenter Management Suite. The Deskcenter Service Portal allows you to report errors or ask questions at any time to quickly eliminate any possible disruptions. Sign up now at the following link and create a ticket with your personal concerns.

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The benefits of Deskcenter Support

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Fast Response



Detailed Troubleshooting



Reliable advice and support


Your features

Create and view your tickets

Exchange directly with Support

Get the latest Download supportive files

View current release notes

The features in detail

Asking questions:

Do you have any specific questions about the Deskcenter Management Suite? Then create a new ticket via the “ask question” button and we will clear up your problems as quickly as possible.

Report errors:

The “Report Error” button allows you to send any disruptions or bugs to our support team so that the source of the error can be tracked and eliminated in a timely manner.


Among the various other things in your personal download area, you will find: updates, full installations, scripts and reports.

Release Notes:

The Deskcenter Service Portal gives you the ability to view release notes for the latest versions of the Deskcenter Management Suite. These contain both general information and specific details about the latest changes, features and troubleshooting.

With Deskcenter’s Service Portal, You’re Always Up-to-date

With your registered Deskcenter Account, you automatically gain personal access to our practical Service Portal. Through the portal, we can help you quickly and easily with any questions or disturbances you may have. You can also take advantage of your own personal download area and the release notes provided there.

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