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IT Security & Infrastructure Management

Security enhanced, whilst time and costs optimized with Deskcenter Software Management

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    Your Deskcenter Advantage: All good things come in 4’s

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    Establish reliable, automated routines for installing, updating, and patching apps as well as operating systems.

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    Handing over routine tasks to automated workflows.

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    Adapt software licensing and use to match processes and needs.

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    Heightened user satisfaction via seamless operational processes for remote and online services.

    Automated software deployment pays off

    Often the day does not have enough hours. Your management requires the introduction of new innovative solutions to drive their business strategies. But given the usual IT resource situation, how can that be accomplished, when IT resources already have their hands full keeping servers, PCs, laptops, cell phones and other devices secure, compliant and up to date? Plus, setting up new devices and/or rollouts are additionally time-consuming. Software updates and patching come on top, not to mention the tracking and usage monitoring of licenses. With Deskcenter’s comprehensive Software Management, you can free up valuable time in order to deliver on strategic projects, whilst also ensuring necessary IT security and compliance.

    Rule-based. Automated. Verified.

    Taking a holistic approach to software management not just requires care, but also poses multiple challenges all at once. Here’s the why and how.

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    Closing security gaps

    For any effective cybersecurity measures, it is essential to keep all release and patch levels up to date. Standardized installation processes as well as exacting rights and roles concepts are core elements of an effective IT risk management. With Deskcenter Software Management automates where possible and prevents unauthorized access from hacker attacks.

    Boosting productivity

    Packaging, installing, documenting: Today, most of these routine tasks can be easily automated, without sacrificing needed flexibility. Dynamic workflows provided by the Deskcenter Management Suite are a way to increase the efficiency and continued effectiveness of your IT processes.

    Booster für Ihre Produktivität
    Kostenkontrolle auf Knopfdruck

    Efficient & effective cost optimization

    Unused software, redundant licensing, a multitude software applications serving the same purpose. There are numerous levers to get more out of your IT budget. The prerequisite: You know where these potentials are hidden. A continuous, comprehensive inventory of hybrid IT landscapes is the first step. Integrated with continuous metering of software usage and a license management system that maps and monitors all common vendor models. This gives you optimizing control over your licensing and maintenance costs, while at the same time ensuring continued compliance.

    High quality internally and externally

    Standardized processes for the automated provision of operating systems and software not only improves the quality of the internal IT processes. Users are also more content about software updates that happen without any interruptions or necessary intervention on their part.

    Hohe Qualität nach innen und außen

    Further building blocks for an efficient and effective Software Management

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