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Deskcenter Management Suite

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    Deskcenter Management Suite is an unparalleled IT solution that cleverly combines security, control, efficiency and scalability. Thanks to the holistic lifecycle management software, you can quickly capture all endpoints of your IT network and securely automate different tasks. This way, you effectively save resources and have more time for other things. Revolutionize your business now and get back control as well as the overview of your entire IT processes as an IT administrator or IT manager.

    Deskcenter, honored quality.

    KPMG logo SAM tool certified

    We are officially KPMG certified. With Deskcenter you can start an audit with confidence, because the work with our solution has been classified by the renowned auditing firm as license-safe.

    logo software made in germany

    Applications that have been developed in Germany are honored with the BITMi seal of approval. The international seal stands for service, quality and sustainability and was first awarded to us in 2014.

    AVPQ Logo

    We are registered as a prequalified company and thus qualified for public contracts.

    Microsoft Partner logo

    The Microsoft Parter – Gold Datacenter seal awards companies with unique applications which are compatible with the Microsoft system. With our suite you can integrate your assets including Microsoft products into your IT infrastructure and always maintain them safely.

    Software Hosted in Germany

    Software hosted in Germany an international signet, which was awarded to us for our EMM solution Deskcenter Mobile . It distinguishes software manufacturers whose data and software are hosted in a German data center.

    All DCMS modules require Deskcenter Asset Discovery and Inventory Management as a base module.

    Agentless or agent based discovery and inventory of clients, servers, SNMP devices, hypervisors and other com- ponents. IT infrastructure is automatically discovered based on Active Directory information, IP range scans or DHCP scope and lease data.

    During the discovery and inventory process, all accessible hardware and software data is collected automatically and can be presented in reports and dashboards or used for further analysis.

    Unmanaged assets can be manually created or imported as user defined asset types, configured with any attribute and linked to other assets. All types of documents can be attached.

    Illustration, Programmierer

    Additionally, Asset Discovery & Inventory Management shows the up-to-date patch and release status of all in- stalled software and operating systems. This allows identification and elimination of potential threats caused by outdated patches or software versions. Deskcenter Software Catalogue is required for this functionality. The inte- grated software and patch (de-)installation functionality requires Deskcenter Softwaremanagement.

    Deskcenter Software Katalog

    Deskcenter Software Catalogue

    Deskcenter Software Catalogue is a software catalogue technology (DNA) that identifies, catalogues, and normal- izes installed software and their versions and patches. The catalogue is updated continuously. In the case of still unrecognized software the user has the option to actively request the respective software for inclusion in the li- cence database.

    Icon für MS Office

    Deskcenter Microsoft Office 365 Integration

    Deskcenter Microsoft Office 365 Integration inventories your Office 365 infrastructure. All licensed plans and li- censed users are captured and automatically integrated into Deskcenter License Management.

    With Deskcenter Softwaremanagement, any type of software package (EXE, MSI or scripts) can be automatically deployed, installed/provisioned, repaired and deinstalled in distributed environments – optionally based on work- flows that are intuitively created by a graphical workflow designer tool. The software jobs can be scheduled manu- ally or automated and rule based.

    Icon Agentless

    Deskcenter OS Deployment

    With Deskcenter OS Deployment, Microsoft Client and Server Operating Systems can be automatically installed via PXE server or USB stick (hardware independent unattended installation and imaging). It includes driver man- agement and auto-configuration, for example domain join, user management, etc.

    Deskcenter Package Studio

    Deskcenter Package Studio

    Deskcenter Package Studio is used for generation of MSI software packages which can be integrated into and used in Deskcenter Softwaremanagement

    Deskcenter Package Studio Enterprise

    Deskcenter Package Studio Enterprise

    Deskcenter Package Studio Enterprise is used for generation of software distribution packages (incl. functional extensions like 32/64-Bit-Mixed-Mode, Table-Editor for MSI-Files etc) which can be integrated into and used in Deskcenter Softwaremanagement.

    Deskcenter Application Metering

    Deskcenter Application Metering

    Deskcenter Application Metering tracks and documents (optionally anonymized) local and remote software execu- tions to measure active usage and to identify unused software licenses.

    Deskcenter Patchmanagement

    Deskcenter Microsoft Patch Management

    Deskcenter Microsoft Patch Management automatically provisions Microsoft patches and updates, optionally inte- grating an existing WSUS infrastructure.

    Cloud Icon

    Deskcenter Appcloud

    Deskcenter AppCloud offers existing, customizable software packages for download from the cloud to local reposi- tories, for immediate use, and for direct automated rollout.

    Deskcenter License Management manages software licenses and contracts based on inventoried software and manual software definitions. License usage is calculated based on various metrics. Up-to-date and historic product use rights and rules determine how licenses are assigned to users and devices calculated. Assigning licenses to users and devices establishes a license compliance status per publisher and per product.

    License Management requires Deskcenter Software Catalogue.

    Deskcenter Service Management is a fully integrated Helpdesk module with a ticketing system for processing incidents and requests. It includes a user web frontend, E-Mail connectors, calendar functionality, resource planning and a knowledge base.

    Deskcenter Application Metering

    Deskcenter Service Catalogue

    Deskcenter Service Catalogue is a module that enables request fulfillment processes via services. IT services as well as non-IT services can be represented, be it hardware or software, authorizations, services and more. Ap- proval processes and service provisioning tasks are part of the functionality.

    Deskcenter Mobile is a full-fledged Mobile Device Management for iOS and Android devices. It includes technical device inventory, policy and application rollout, transfer into Deskcenter Asset Management, License Management and IT Service Management.

    Icon Mobile Files

    Deskcenter Mobile Files

    Online file share for Android, for example mobile access to documents via Deskcenter Mobile Server (hosted in Germany or on premises). Basic level: 100 GB storage.

    Deskcenter Mobile File Extension

    Deskcenter Mobile File Extension

    Upgrade of file share (Deskcenter Mobile Files) with additional 100 GB for the complete Deskcenter Mobile in- stance of the customer.

    Deskcenter Mobile VoIP

    Deskcenter Mobile VoIP

    Voice-over-IP functionality for secure end-to-end telephony with Android- and iOS devices via Deskcenter Mobile Server

    Deskcenter Mobile Messenger

    Deskcenter Mobile Messenger

    Messenger Service for sending text- and voice messages with attachments on mobile devices (iOS und Android) or browser via the Deskcenter Mobile Server.

    Deskcenter Mobile Browser Messenger

    Deskcenter Mobile Browser Messenger

    Browser-based messenger for cross-platform (Windows, MacOS, Linux) messages, sent per browser from desktops to messenger apps on mobile devices (iOS and Android). The devices communicate securely via the customer’s Deskcenter Mobile infrastructure and not through a public third-party provider.

    Deskcenter Mobile MDM API

    Deskcenter MDM API

    Deskcenter MDM API interfaces with VMWare Airwatch or Citrix XenMobile to transfer mobile asset data into Deskcenter’s asset management infrastructure.

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