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IT Asset Management

Strategic decisions based on knowing

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    Central IT asset management allowing for real cost optimization

    Knowledge is power – and in the case of IT Asset Management (ITAM), the key to optimal planning, cost reduction, IT security and compliance. Every IT asset has a limited lifetime. It is therefore all the more important that devices and applications are used optimally during their lifecycle, checked for their cost-effectiveness and renewed when warranted. This allows for optimal spending of IT budgets. Deskcenter’s IT Asset Management gives you a central source of information for all hardware and software – including all relevant documentation associated with each asset. From the request to procurement, provisioning and maintenance up to decommissioning. With Deskcenter, you manage the complete IT asset lifecycle. Centralized, secure, clearly organized, automated.

    ITAM Benefits: Optimal utilization of what is valuable.

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    The information overview you need to take action at any required time. Be it IT security, compliance or just routine yet automated IT management.

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    Avoid unnecessary expenses through clever redeployment of software and hardware as well as license negotiations that match actual usage.

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    Make smart investment decisions based on reports and analysis of actual asset lifecycle data.

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    Optimize security and compliance reliably by monitoring internal policies, processes and legal requirements as well as keeping your software estate up-to-date.

    Everything, from procurement to decommissioning, under control

    Kontrolle ist gut, Wissen noch besser

    Maintaining control is good, plus up-to-date knowledge even better

    The corporate tax audit is due again and you need to provide all the required documents within the shortest possible time. It’s good when technical and commercial data on IT assets, including contracts, license agreements and user information, is available centrally and individually required reports can be instantly created. 

    Making your IT budget go the distance

    IT Asset Management (ITAM) helps you optimize spending of your IT budget, for example reassigning idle licenses and unused apps, or software consolidation based on identical to similar functional profiles. Saving money on hardware by ascertaining their reliability and expanding their lifecycle accordingly. Combine this with software usage metering and an inclusive license management and IT budget will go a long way.  

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    Purchasing assets when and where they are really needed

    Purchasing decisions are always ascertained by their needs and associated requirements. Combining archived historical asset lifecycle data with projected requirements via current user and asset date, delivers factual trend analysis and planning that can deliver. Deskcenter ITAM creates the basis for smarter investment decisions and successful digital transformations.

    Safety first

    With asset discovery and inventory, a first step is done. You now know what you need to protect. Our software management supports you in the “how”. With automated software deployment, you keep your assets up to date at all times, allowing you to identify security gaps promptly and close potential vulnerabilities immediately thereafter. A comprehensive role and rights concepts enables the implementation internal and external guidelines.

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    5 elements of an efficient IT Asset Management

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    How can you implement a solid and effective IT asset management?

    We are here to discuss individual solution approaches with you