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    Enormous flexibility through synchronization of software deployment

    Geislinger GmbH, a global market leader in torsional vibration dampers, chose Deskcenter Management Suite for its complete IT management in 2017. Since then, the Salzburg-based IT managers have completed many administrative tasks from inventorisation to software deployment using the software solution from the Leipzig-based IT management specialists. In the interview, Stefan Zauner, Information Technology Officer at Geislinger, describes his experience with the suite.

    Mr. Zauner, what were your intentions when introducing a common IT management solution? What were your challenges?


    “Up to that point, it was difficult to summarise the software used in the company and show it clearly in a program. The time it took for overall software asset management was simply too much. We were also looking for a simple solution to managing software centrally and rolling it out automatically to devices. This includes regularly distributing patches and updates. It would be ideal if it also integrated licence management.”

    For us only one solution was possible because its operation was self-explanatory and it has a user-friendly interface but the functionality has no restrictions.

    Stefan Zauner
    Information Technology Officer, GEISLER


    • Manage, roll out and update software centrally for all devices
    • SCCM is to be replaced by a clear, less error-prone tool


    • quick and easy real-time overview of the installed hardware and software
    • Synchronization of the distribution for six international locations
    • Targeted deployment even outside the corporate network

    What should the new solution provide? What was important for you in the evaluation?


    “Before introducing DCMS we used Microsoft’s System Center – a really complex solution that was unfortunately subject to a lot of faults. We were looking for a tool where the operation was self-explanatory and easy to use via a simple interface. But it should not have any restrictions in terms of the functions offered by SCCM.”


    What finally convinced you and which functions now make your life easier?


    “In addition to software and hardware inventorisation, we use software distribution, OS deployment and manage our licences with Deskcenter. As well as the essential functions, we think it’s excellent that the suite can be modified to most of our needs, e.g. the strict classification of our external locations. We were able to ‘try before you buy’ and give the solution a comprehensive test. Thanks to reliable assistance by the manufacturer’s support for system and workflow change questions, we were able to determine fairly quickly whether Deskcenter would fit our infrastructure.”

    Geislinger GmbH Firmengebäude

    How did you resolve the challenges that you described? What do you see as the main benefits of Deskcenter?


    “Thanks to Deskcenter we now have a quick and easy real-time overview of the installed hardware and software – for each location independently and for the whole company. Software distribution now runs centrally and automatically. We distribute new programs and re-install PCs in the shortest possible time. Patches can now be provided without delays and dangerous gaps can therefore be closed quickly. If there are problems with software distribution, we get an error message immediately and can intervene manually when it is essential.”


    Were there special technical features that had to be resolved?


    “Yes, there were – and there still are. We have six factories around the world. Of course, they have very different technical requirements; various software language versions or country-specific settings. With Deskcenter we are very flexible when it comes to synchronising software distribution at the various locations. For each operating system or package source, you can now decide whether this should be available for all software distributors or only specific factories. Therefore, the factory in Salzburg gets different software packages from the one in Japan. On the one hand, this reduces the data quantity and on the other, it does not put excessive pressure on the Memory.”


    And what happens if the employee from Salzburg suddenly dials into the network in Japan?


    “With the aid of dynamic distributors, we can provide mobile systems with software and patches from the network where the system is currently logged in. The SDI agent automatically connects with the relevant distributor (software repository) on the sub-network to obtain the requested software packages from there without blocking the WAN connections. So, employees can also be supplied with updates when they are at another location or outside the company network.”

    The company, now run by the third generation of the family, specialises in developing and manufacturing torsional vibration dampers, torsionally-flexible high dampening couplings, misalignment couplings and torsional vibration monitoring systems made from steel and fibre composites for large-scale motors and wind turbines. Geislinger products are found in such industries as, ship-building, mining, wind power, rail companies, oil and gas as well as energy generation. As a result of their innovative strength, the Salzburg-based company has established itself as a global market leader for large torsional vibration dampers and large-scale steel spring couplers. With 6 factories in 5 countries, and the company’s head office in Austria, there are also production sites in Korea, USA, China and Japan. Geislinger has been a Deskcenter customer since 2017 and manages 750 systems around the world with Deskcenter Management Suite.

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