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IT Service Mangagement

Getting it done without graft

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    Efficient all-around IT service – from Helpdesk to Self-Service Portal

    Good IT service ought to be a matter of course. Unfortunately, everyday life often looks different, characterized by a lack of resources and loose processes. You can solve this problem with Deskcenter Service Management. With it, you engage your IT experts as efficiently as possible. Your service desk immediately accesses all relevant data, searches for answers in an extensive knowledge-base and for the end user there is a comfortable self-service portal – for rquests as well as support communication. Allowing your company to kill two birds with one stone: relief for the service desk resulting in better service.

    IT service that runs efficiently.

    How responsive your service desk is determines your employees satisfaction. With Deskcenter’s Service Management you offer your users the IT support our digital and remote working world needs.

    Transparency for end user support

    When the login to Microsoft Teams doesn’t work, access to a file server is needed or the fuel card for the company car has been lost – everything ends up as a ticket with the internal service desk. In order for agents to be able to provide information immediately, they need sound information: What devices does the end user use, what authorizations does he have, what software is installed and what is he actually allowed to use according to company policy? Deskcenter Service Management provides answers at the push of a button. Seamlessly integrated with the Deskcenter Management Suite, it offers full information access to hardware data as well as software inventories or license information. This significantly accelerates the resolution of problem tickets and requests.

    Voller Durchblick im Enduser Support
    Incident Management und Problem Management

    Incident Management und Problem Management

    Every problem or request is reliably logged as an incident by the service desk. By phone, by email, via web form or via the API connection from third-party systems. That’s why the processing of incidents and problems is automated and rules assigned to them from opening and assigning a ticket, to end-user communication and escalation workflows, up to closing, reactivation or documenting. Leading to effective response and processing times. Also noteworthy, the Deskcenter Service Management is based on ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) best practices and guidelines.

    Know where it’s at: Knowledge Base

    Bundled know-how from the integrated knowledge base is helpful in several ways – selected, short and crisp for user self-service and detailed for the support staff. One knowledge base, twice the use.

    Wissen, wo´s steht: Knowledge Base
    One-Stop-Shop: Selfservice Portal

    One-Stop-Shop: Self-Service Portal

    Via Deskcenter’s user marketplace, users conveniently request services, hardware and software, authorizations and much more. One click and the request for the new company cell phone or the meeting room including catering is placed. Workflows ensure automated, reliable processing in the background, including all approval steps. For the user and IT support, this means minimum effort, maximum service.

    Productivity that translates into employee satisfaction

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    Automated assignment, suggested responses, tracking or sorting – by reducing manual intervention on tickets, your service desk team saves valuable time. Routine tasks are accelerated, productivity increases.

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    Thanks to detailed documentation, recurring incidents can be quickly identified and resolved for the long term. In combination with an extensive knowledge base, this leads to fewer escalations and eased workload for the service desk.

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    The service desk often is the single point of contact for all questions and problems. If accessible via all channels, it offers faster and proactive resolutions, also thanks to system monitoring and automation. Providing excellent user service today.

    Service Management in detail

    You can find more information about Deskcenter Service Management here:

    Smooth service is the result of seamless integration

    As an isolated solution, a service desk won’t get you far. That’s why we have fully integrated Service Management into the Deskcenter Management Suite. Find out what that means here.

    Frau, die Präsentiert

    How to make your service desk productive quickly

    You want to equip your service desk with the benefits of our Service Management? Then get started! Using Deskcenter, you have three options: You install on-premise, use the solution in a subscription model or as a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud implementation. Our Professional Services team as well as competent, certified partners can take on the implementation for you. Attending our compact training courses, will enable you to use Deskcenter effectively at all times.

    How do you keep your service desk costs under control while delivering optimal service?

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