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Since using DeskCenter our system management and service quality have significantly improved. We highly value the fact that DeskCenter is continuously expanded to include useful features after discussion with customers.



Integrated user helpdesk is an excellent complement to IT lifecycle management

As the market leader in workwear, engelbert strauss is a rapidly expanding company with high demands for the design and function of its products. It offers its customers well-considered developments from head to toe; and they are all made in Germany. Personnel growth and the accompanying rising number of IT assets reinforced demand for an innovative IT management solution. On the one hand, this should manage the company’s infrastructure but on the other, also ensure well-structured employee support. What mattered to Christian Albrecht, Mareike Fuchs, first-level support at engelbert strauss, and their colleagues was comprehensive licence management and the opportunity to quickly and uniformly provide software and patches to all users. In addition to the headquarters in Biebergemünd, the IT is also operating in three other branches, cross-location workflow management was another important criterion.

Christian Albrecht describes the initial situation:

“We noticed at some point that we could no longer professionally satisfy the employees’ requirements and support queries with the available tools. For the 18 helpdesk employees in the IT department we had to create a way of working centrally in one platform in order to depict all of the IT management processes. And we wanted to end the age of manual data collection in order to be able to plan quicker and better. It was a delight that DeskCenter came with complete IT lifecycle management and a user helpdesk in a single solution.”

engelbert strauss now inventorises and manages over 1,100 systems and 1,030 components with the suite, including numerous macOS devices.


  • Constantly increasing number of assets in multiple locations
  • Central and efficient administration of inventory and helpdesk


  • Fast implementation of the DCMS after a test phase
  • Optimization of help desk processes through cross-site workflow management
  • Direct control over software and patch levels
  • Constant extension of the report function by individual scripts

Users can implement software updates completely autonomously.

The integrated service desk solution means that the IT specialists not only work together in one interface at engelbert strauss. Rather, the DeskCenter Helpdesk also offers users the opportunity to independently implement certain activities.

Mr. Albrecht reports with delight: “Via the software basket in DeskCenter.Web the users can implement certain software updates autonomously.”

The application or package is automatically installed on the relevant PC. The Helpdesk employee sees which applications were requested in the installation overview and if necessary, issues the authorisation. The task process of queries and problems will soon be intensively expanded using the ticket function.

Mareike Fuchs describes her ideal scenario: “The communication via tickets massively facilitates structured processing and later, tracking of queries.”

It has frequently proven to be a helpful bonus for the IT experts that you can expand DeskCenter with individual scripts. For example, using such scripts, it is possible to read the meter histories on printers and if required output them as reports. Data from the DeskCenter database can also be displayed directly in the CMS. For example, users can see which equipment (projectors, televisions, computers) is found in the meeting rooms.

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DeskCenter is a comprehensive IT management system that makes it possible to connect different components in a meaningful way. Implementation in the company infrastructure was without any problems.

Christian Albrecht
First Level Support, engelbert strauss

DeskCenter can be easily implemented without bending over backwards

Central software distribution is also a great benefit for the experienced support employees because before, the manual distribution of new installations, updates and patches required a huge effort with thousands of systems:

“Software roll-out with the aid of software rules and the standardisation in OS deployment saves us a lot of time and keeps our locations synchronous. Our users value the easy provision of new software and updates without interrupting their work. The interaction with the licence management enables us to determine the precise requirements in advance and reveal variances.”

Implementation also took place as expected by Albrecht. After an appropriate test phase during which DeskCenter provided professional support, it was quickly possible to work productively. The modular structure and comprehensible interface meant that the suite was made operational gradually without the need for special expertise.

Christian Albrecht is satisfied:

“DeskCenter is a comprehensive, practical IT management system that appropriately combines various components with each other and can be implemented in the company without bending over backwards – for us it is a complete solution.”

Engelbert strauss GmbH & Co. KG is a fourth-generation, owner-run and family-based company. Around 1,200 employees work at the location in Biebergemünd/ Frankfurt a.M. The company not only places great value on tradition and being together as a family, it is also characterised by its technical competencies. engelbert strauss is the first company in Europe use robots to pick and thus implement the work processes it has developed relating to information technology. In addition to selling via catalogues or the online shop, customers of the so-called workwear stores also have the opportunity to touch, try on and directly purchase the products. Since 2011 engelbert strauss has managed over 1,100 systems using DeskCenter Management Suite.

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