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License Management

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    Making the most of your software licenses

    Effective license management is the strategic, compliant and cost-optimized handling of your company’s software licenses. IT compliance guidelines play just as important a role here as the most effective use of budgets. According to KPMG and other experts, there is a lot of room for gains, as effective license management can provide up to 30% cost savings.

    Costs under control. Compliance under control.

    Whether you want to optimize your license costs or be ready for the next audit: Deskcenter’s license management makes both an easier task.

    Lizenzmanagement zentrale Verwaltung

    Central management of licenses, contracts and metrics

    Store, track and maintain commercial and organizational information in an adaptable format matching your oganization customized way – it’s a lot easier with the license and contract management of the Deskcenter Management Suite. With it, you classify your software inventory according to a wide range of licensing models: from single-user licenses to concurrent users, enterprise licenses and more. You also determine by which metrics you want to evaluate used software – and you can also consider special parameters, like rights for update, downgrades, or multiple usage as well as lifecycles . Plus, within the Deskcenter License Management, you always have your license certificates and invoices available.

    Daily license balance and audit reporting

    Accurate software license management also requires assigning licenses to individual devices or users – naturally taking into account previous and current product usage rights and rules. From this Deskcenter delivers the license balance, a comparison of your licenses and their usage to your contracts. This can be created looking at the entire company as well as for individual software providers or products. All at the touch of a button. In this way, you can see directly whether you need to re-license to ensure your compliance . The analysis of your license situation has additional advantages: You optimize your software portfolio and invest in licenses where necessary and/or effective.

    Tagesaktuelle Lizenzbilanz und Audit-Reporting

    Metering actual use

    Unused software is dead capital. With Deskcenter’s Application Metering you can find out which programs on which devices have not been used for a longer period of time or have never been used. Additionally use of the Deskcenter Software Management, allows you to directly uninstall the idle or unused software. The freed licenses are made available again in the license pool. This is what we call cost optimized software compliance.

    Multi-vendor software detection

    Of course, you first need to have the complete picture of which software is in use in your organization. Hence, Deskcenter License Management does not exist without the Discovery & Inventory module. The included software recognition catalogue is a updated daily and cloud-based containing more than 400,000 products and nearly 2 million fingerprints from over 17,000 software vendors. This gives you a daily update of which software is installed in which versions on your company’s assets. And best of all, you don’t have to do anything – the process is completely automatic.

    Herstellerübergreifende Software-Erkennung

    Clear advantages that pay off


    Making contract management as easy as possible. Bundles all license information and contract documents in one place.


    Discover unused software and prevent unnecessary investments in expensive software licenses that additionally burden your maintenance costs over their term.


    Track down discontinued software and consolidate your software estate. This will make life much easier for your support staff.


    Prevent unintentional license violations and eliminate under-licensing, minimizing liability risks at all times.

    License Management in detail

    More information on license management with Deskcenter can be found here:

    Integrated interaction

    As mentioned, license management is not possible without a comprehensive software discovery and inventory function. In addition to that, the Deskcenter Management Suite offers many other fully integrated modules. Additionally, a standard REST API allows for Deskcenter to be seamlessly integrated with other applications within your existing IT infrastructure.

    In order to get more from your IT infrastructure management, we recommend to combine your Deskcenter License Management with:

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    These are the most efficient ways to become productive

    Using Deskcenter, you have three options: You install on-premise, use the solution in a subscription model or as a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud implementation. Our Professional Services team as well as competent, certified partners can take on the implementation for you. Attending our compact training courses, will enable you to use Deskcenter effectively at all times.

    What could an integrated license management look like for your company?

    We are here to help with more information!