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With Deskcenter Management Suite we can avoid audit problems in the future and are on the safe side when an audit occurs. There is now no risk of inadequate licensing.


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You don’t do licence management on the side

HEITEC AG, the industrial solution partner, realises projects that require explicit know-how from the most varied of disciplines. The various departments are distributed across 17 locations throughout Germany and around 1,000 employees ensure problem-free customer support. The IT department must also meet the Group’s high-level quality requirements and relies on high-performance solutions and reliable expert knowledge to do so.

There was no solution to date for licence management that met our requirements. The recording of all systems at the 17 locations with all of the associated licences was to be automated from now on and should, above all, be compliance-oriented. And the manufacturers’ constantly changing licence terms presented the administrators with an extremely time-consuming and partially unmanageable situation. For Holger Heine, who is responsible for the IT infrastructure department at HEITEC AG, it was clear that:

“Only introducing a licence management solution would ensure a valid licence overview and optimal licensing.”


  • Recording of all systems at the 17 locations with all associated licenses
  • IT department must meet the high quality requirements of the whole group
  • Constantly changing license conditions of the software provider as time-consuming and partly unmanageable situation


  • Einführung einer Lizenzmanagementlösung für eine valide Lizenzübersicht und optimale Lizenzierung
  • Ein integrierter Softwarekatalog zur Erkennung aller lizenzpflichtigen und lizenzfreien Softwareprodukte
  • Lizenzbilanz auf Knopfdruck verschafft Übersicht und spart Zeit

KPMG certification was persuasive

Several suppliers were considered for the evaluation and various criteria were checked. “We were looking for a homogeneous solution that we could use both for licence management and later for software distribution and OS deployment across all of the locations,” reports Holger Heine. “It was particularly important to us that a software catalog for the detection of all licensable and license-free software products are integrated and that licence reporting is carried out to KPMG criteria.”

Deskcenter Management Suite is the first KPMG-certified IT management solution. Companies that map their licence management with Deskcenter fulfil the licence provisions of Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk and other major software manufacturers and are on the safe side during an audit. Thanks to KPMG certification an audit generates fewer problems and does not involve as many resources. The software DNA catalog detects software from over 10,000 manufacturers down to the precise versions of individual products and program suites.

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Deskcenter gives us a reliable overview of the software on PCs and safety when it comes to software audits. By detecting unused licences, the purchase of software, updates, licences and licence bundles can be optimised – even for larger quantities.


Holger Heine
IT manager, HEITEC AG

An overall solution to manage the complete inventory of software and licences

When the IT experts at HEITEC AG investigated the Suite in more detail at the ITSA specialist trade fair in Nuremberg they were delighted. “With Deskcenter Management Suite we can avoid audit problems in the future and are on the safe side when an audit occurs. There is now no risk of inadequate licensing. At the touch of a button we can see where there are free licences that are not being used and whether we can save costs as a result This gives us transparency and security,” states Holger Heine. In order to manage all of the software and licensing inventory, the software distribution will soon be completely with Deskcenter.

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