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    Fast processing by clear division of responsibilities

    The IMO Group manufactures highly specialized slewing rings in market-leading quality at two plants near Nuremberg. Before the implementation of Deskcenter the management and monitoring of IT systems was mainly done manually and with an enormous amount of time by the administrators. There are over 350 systems that should be controlled modernly and be automated with one central workstation. The introduction of a powerful user helpdesk with web client was also necessary to relieve the administrators and to ensure proper IT operations.


    • Introduction of a holistic IT management
    • Lack of transparency in helf desk inquiries and administration


    • Tasks of the IT department are done centrally for all workplaces
    • Recording of all relevant system data for valid evaluations
    • Comulative cost distribution trough integrated reporting

    Helpdesk solution with web connection and 24-hour support

    On the recommendation of their IT service provider the IMO Group was aware of Deskcenter and it quickly came to a decision for the solution.

    โ€œThanks to the straightforward implementation and intuitive operation of the suite we were able to work productively in record time,โ€ says Rainer Dressel. All tasks of the IT department are managed from one central point for all working places. With Deskcenter Helpdesk, requests can be recorded and resolved quickly and effectively. Users can at any time open tickets directly through a web interface and address their queries, requests and problems to the IT department. The independent query of the processing status is an important feature that makes the support work easier. The possibility to expand the knowledge base individually helps employees to look for already dissolved requests and solve their problem by themselves.

    Arbeiter bei IMO Holding

    One solution for holistic integrated administration


    The compilation of all relevant system data, the deployment of software applications and the creation of an automatic license overview, which immediately provides valid data for a license audit, are also managed with Deskcenter. And with the integrated reporting, a user based cost distribution is possible, which is important for the IT-Controlling.

    Rainer Dressel sees the implementation of the suite as a substantial improvement for the IT operations of the company:

    โ€œThe entire IT infrastructure was structured more efficiently by the Deskcenter Management Suite and all of the IT staff are very satisfied with the solution. Also, the support by the manufacturer was commendable. Our wishes and requirements were taken seriously by the developer and are incorporated into the development of the suite. So we finally have found a holistic administration tool that fits our requirements.โ€

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