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Deskcenter acquires software recognition tool from SoftwareONE

    The cloud-based Profiler-DNA application automatically identifies any software in an organization’s IT infrastructure.

    Leipzig, January, 31. – At the end of 2021, Deskcenter AG acquired all rights to the Profiler-DNA tool from SoftwareONE Deutschland GmbH. The tool’s software and associated software catalogue are used to precisely determine all applications installed on a device: an essential prerequisite for reliable asset, license and patch management.

    The Leipzig software vendor Deskcenter AG has been using the Profiler-DNA tool as an OEM partner for many years. The cloud-based application is an important part of the Deskcenter Management Suite for IT asset and lifecycle management. Profiler DNA consists of an extensive software product database, including more than 300,000 products from over 17,000 vendors, and a tool for the automated identification of installed applications. After analyzing an IT environment, Profiler-DNA uses the found .exe files to determine the exact names of installed applications and returns comprehensive details such as manufacturer, version number or patch status. The entire process is automated and requires no manual intervention.

    Deskcenter acquires software recognition tool from SoftwareONE

    The acquisition by Deskcenter does not change anything for the users of the Deskcenter Management Suite or the other existing OEM customers of the Profiler-DNA: They will continue to benefit from the functionalities of the recognition catalogue as before. „We are excited about the opportunity to have made a longstanding core module of the Deskcenter Management Suite our own product“, says Christoph Harvey, Deskcenter CEO. „This not only ensures the Profiler-DNA’s continuation. The acquisition also enables us to further expand capabilities of the Deskcenter Management Suite.“

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