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Audit & Compliance

Ensuring the security of your IT Infrastructure and data is critical, breaches can lead to financial impact and reputational damage. Securing your environment can take many forms, identification of un-authorised software, changes in hardware, ensuring the right level of patches are applied plus many more can all impact the security of your systems. DeskCenter provides the perfect platform to face these multitude of challenges though complete visibility of your entire environment and responding immediately to changes that may introduce risk.

IT Asset Management

ITAM (IT Asset Management) is an essential cornerstone in any business, providing a complete, accurate and up to date view of all hardware and software being used across your organisation including purchase and financial detail. With ever increasing complexity including virtualisation, mobile users and devices this becomes almost impossible to maintain without the right tools. DeskCenter provides complete ITAM support from purchase to disposal.

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Hardware Asset Management, Software Asset Management to Service Desk, DeskCenter will provide you a single solution to cover all of your needs.

License management

Software Licenses are costly assets that are inherently difficult to keep track off, they only exist as a piece of paper or an entry in a portal. Keeping your software license assets organised is essential in ensuring you have control over your software estate and maximise its value. DeskCenter provides complete control over your software licenses and provides a unique opportunity to optimise and manage your software license assets.

Software asset management

Software Asset Management (SAM) is not just about reconciling installed software with licenses held. It is about the processes associated with purchasing, distribution of software, identification of under-utilised software, consolidation of software types and versions and the decommissioning of systems. It also is about the complete management and control of your software estate, making sure your organisation is protected from the risk of non-compliance and the optimisation of the software you use. DeskCenter will provide you with the tools needed to optimise your Software Asset Management processes, delivering on the promises of cost reduction and compliance.

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Software management

The provision of software is complex and can be a drain on valuable IT resources. If not managed effectively it can lead to an explosion of un-supported applications being used, resulting in increased support costs and a risk to security. DeskCenter Software Management removes these issues by making deployment a single click away or allowing the enforcement of software policies through automated processes. A self-service portal integrates software requests and deployment into a single process, enforcing software policies while giving your users an outstanding experience.

IT management

Managing your IT infrastructure requires a structured, well organised approach. On-boarding new systems through acquisition, upgrading systems or simply the day-to-day management, tools and processes are essential to make this as efficient as possible. Whether you manage a single site, or multiple international sites, a single complete solution can be invaluable. DeskCenter offers a comprehensive solution providing for the complete management of IT, minimising the time spent on repetitive tasks and allowing you to focus on value add activities.