R.I.P. Flash Player

R.I.P. Flash Player

Gosh, you were so hot back then. Everyone wanted you, everyone had you. The creative ones, the digital natives who didn’t even know that they would be called that, the gamers, all those leisure surfers. Flash intro on the website? Fleekin! Only Steve Jobs showed himself to be less than extremely excited and bit his apple. But he was right: Security was simply not your strong point, dear Flash Player. We have to say that very clearly, at 24 you are old enough for the truth. And really opening yourself up, somehow there was no way in. That’s why you’re out now. Definitely. “Finally!” The IT people tweet.

In the very unlikely event that someone hasn’t heard it yet: Adobe will stop distributing and updating Flash Player at the end of the year. No more downloads, no more patches. No support for the plug-ins. What is already common practice with most browsers – Flash content is no longer executed at all – is what the timer will do itself in the more current versions of the program from 2021 onwards. The manufacturer’s recommendation is therefore: at best, uninstall it beforehand.

By the way, we have prepared something for it: With the Deskcenter Management Suite, any Flash Player mummy in the company network can be found and removed very quietly. Simple and safe. Our contribution to creating another legend.

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