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Transforming Client Management to Unified Endpoint Management

    The End of Silo Thinking for an effective client management

    Both privately and professionally, laptops, tablets and smartphones are an integral part of our everyday lives. Mobile device management and client management has thus become critical for the success of companies. IT that continues to deal with individual solutions has not yet reached its full potential and does not live up to its mission.

    In Germany, by 2018 half of users already use a laptop professionally and 75 percent use a smartphone. About 50 percent of decision-makers consider the tablet as an essential part of the digital workplace. As a result, the use of mobile devices in the workplace is inevitably progressing. In addition, the expectations of the end users are high: At the mobile workplace they demand all IT services in a timely, user-friendly and high-performance manner.

    get a efficient workflow management

    Mobility Makes Special Demands

    Mobile work environments are governed by the same principles as stationary IT infrastructure: Cost-efficient and resource-efficient management, the highest level of security and compliance. But IT is already demanding the inventory of laptops, tablets etc. because mobile devices only log in sporadically on the net. A comprehensive detection must be adjusted with an agent-based inventory that appears agentless. This is provided by the Deskcenter Management Suite which collects up to 3,500 parameters per device.

    A powerful inventory also resembles the applications found with a software catalog of 18,000 manufacturers, and thus recognizes every software. By juxtaposing the software inventory with existing licenses and visualizing them in a dashboard, the suite ensures complete license compliance.

    The detailed knowledge of the IT infrastructure, which is achieved through an extensive taking of inventory, also increases IT security. Unknown devices are recognized and listed in the same way as unpatched applications. In addition, applications on BYOD device devices are shown so that company data can be reliably deleted or blocked when an employee leaves. In doing so, the suite lays the foundation for comprehensive client management.

    Reliably Distribute and Remove Managed Software for a secure client management

    Self-service portals allow users to quickly request the necessary software for each device. Workflows with clearly defined rules and approval procedures speed up and protect the subsequent processes. For example, IT can use security and configuration policies to determine which applications and apps an employee is allowed to use on the endpoint. By using a wide variety of protocols and deployment technology, devices rarely logged into the network can be reliably supplied with managed software and security-relevant updates via the Internet.

    Through dashboards, DeskCenter shows gaps in patch management and automatically distributes missing patches thanks to integrated software distribution. This can be done by internal packaging or via DeskCenter AppCloud. In addition, the software identifies unwanted applications on a daily basis such as gaming or messenger software. These can then be immediately blocked or uninstalled.

    Lone Fighters Fall by the Wayside without a holistic client management

    With the use of several silo solutions, true Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) cannot be implemented effectively or economically. For this reason, it closely intertwines various individual disciplines such as inventory, mobile device, patch, license management or software distribution closely. Only then can we guarantee fast service delivery, up-to-date version and patch levels, unauthorized software prevention, and license compliance and data protection under GDPR.

    With Dynamic Asset Intelligence from DeskCenter, it is possible to replace individual solutions by integrating all IT disciplines onto a common platform. In the sense of a real UEM, the various IT processes intertwine perfectly and use information and data together to provide IT services efficiently and to continuously optimize costs and operations.

    Author: Benedikt Gasch, Product management director, DeskCenter Solutions AG

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