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Automation ensure security for IT

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    Patching operating systems and applications as well as software distribution, are now mandatory as part of the daily schedule and of the security for IT. As a result, IT is continuously updating. With an automatic, integrated Software Asset Management (SAM) businesses maintain licence, patch, and software management, allowing them to save time.

    The requirement for all IT management processes is the complete inventory of the hardware and software used. A dynamic SAM solution achieves this entirely automatically. It also matches the identified holdings against a comprehensive software catalogue and asset management database. On a daily basis, well-organized dashboards immediately reveal differences between the authorized software and hardware inventory, visualize the current patch and release status, as well as for any discontinued versions. This provides IT with the relevant information for the license management and security status of the applications all at the touch of a button.

    Realize IT security

    Integrated license check cause more compliance and security for IT

    When software is rolled out, a dynamic SAM solution performs an intelligent license check based on flexible, graphic-based workflows: If licenses are available, it is installed immediately, if the feedback is negative, the solution will only install one trial. To do this, software deployment and license management must be closely intertwined. The system then generates a service request and initiates the approval process. If there is no new license until the end of the trial, the software will be automatically uninstalled and license compliance will be secured.

    Custom-made software distribution

    If necessary, the DeskCenter Management Suite updates software directly through workflow-based software distribution. Using a graphic editor, IT administrators can easily decide on the appropriate procedure. In addition, they have access to technical data from asset management, organisational units and security groups via the Active Directory. Unused software is automatically uninstalled. If a user needs the uninstalled software again to complete his tasks, he can order the desired software via a self-service portal. This will again be distributed automatically after a successful approval process. Ideally, the IT help desk is like a central hub, and is seamlessly integrated into software distribution, for example, by automatically generating a ticket in the event of faulty installations.

    Different sequences can also be automated in OS deployment. These include activating BitLocker to encrypt the hard drive or integrating software packages directly into the operating system rollout in conjunction with UEFI-Secure-Boot-Functions.

    Security for IT through Optimal Interaction

    A dynamic SAM solution such as the DeskCenter Management Suite produces the database through discovery and inventory capabilities to ensure compliance and standardization of the software portfolio and, beyond that, to ensure security. This is because by analyzing the data obtained, security vulnerabilities are reliably identified and shut down by software distribution or patch management. The data is also an ideal starting point for transitioning to Windows 10. This is because you can only “successfully transfer what you know” and thus check for compatibility beforehand.

    Author: Benedikt Gasch, CTO, DeskCenter Solutions AG

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