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A must-have for modern managers

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    Dashboards give a quick and easy overview and IT expert Deskcenter provides a free solution for its Management Suite.

    LEIPZIG, February 2021 – The situation is well-known: How do you bring the essential statements on the whole IT to the tableau at the next meeting without browsing through complex software for hours? And how do you even do that with clear graphics? The solution is also well-known: Dashboards are a must.

    Basically, no presentation nowadays can get away with not having all those descriptive pies, curves, and bar charts. Quickly, easily and concisely, any facts can be summarized in this way. “The only problem is that you have to gather all the specific data first,” points out product manager Mirko Hoffmann from Deskcenter AG. “In order to do that, you have to be very confident in using the corresponding software.”  The Management Suite of the German IT expert is such a highly complex software. Although easy to use, it requires training in advance and some experience in daily use before the desired figures can be extracted there quickly and accurately. Especially executives in companies and institutions hardly have the time for this – although they are the ones who need these pointed statements most often. „We therefore developed a solution for our application that requires no lengthy training and works with any standard browser, without restriction and at no cost,” Hoffmann continues.

    The new Deskcenter Business Intelligence (DCBI) is modular and based on Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services. New dashboards are constantly being added to the most popular preset ones. Moreover, every user has the possibility to create own queries and integrate them. There are no restrictions in practice, DCBI delivers its results across the entire application. Only the in-house security concept, which applies in full to the new product, as it does to the Deskcenter Management Suite, could temporarily put a stop to this – whenever it comes to the unintentional or accidental display of confidential data. Apart from that, the solution can do whatever such a solution should be capable of: Multilingual interface, automated time zone updates, clear design, extensive functionality and extremely simple usability. Deskcenter AG offers this new product to its clients and business partners for use at no additional license costs.

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