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Automated Software Asset Management creates freedom

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    IT Innovation Hamster Wheel

    Dashboard to make it clear

    A SAM solution like DeskCenter Management Suite not only compares the calculated inventorisation results against a valid software detection list and the asset management database. A dashboard also visualises variances from the authorised software and hardware inventory, patch and release statuses and discontinued versions. If necessary, the suite distributes the most recent software directly using integrated workflow-based software distribution. In the ideal case, the software packages are modified in advance to remove such unwanted characteristics as update services. In order to enable communication between central and decentral distribution points and devices in real-time, software is to be provided via such web sockets as HTTP(S), FTP(S), WEBDAV and SMB. This enables mobile devices to be inventorised and supplied with new applications and security updates.

    Workflow-based Distribution Steering Wheel

    For workflow-based software distribution an IT administrator now needs the comfort and security-led functions of graphical workflow-based editors. Ideally, the IT can use the seamlessly integrated Active Directory in the form of organisational units or security groups to control the software distribution; this even goes as far as attributes and information from technical and organisational asset management.

    Tasks can ideally be completed automatically during OS deployment at various points in the roll-out process. The operating system can therefore be designed flexibly. This includes such functions as activating bit lockers to encrypt the hard drive or integrating software packages directly in the operating system roll-out whilst involving UEFI secure boot functions.

    Automatic Licence Compliance

    In addition to providing software, the SAM solution should also include integrated licence management. Licence checks are directly taken into account in the software packages and potential workflows are defined in advance; if licences are available they are installed immediately. If the feedback is negative, a test version is installed. The system automatically generates a service request in the IT Service Management and may initiate an approval process.

    IT 4.0 Thanks to SAM 4.0

    Modern SAM tools replace individual silo solutions and integrate the individual process steps of the SAM process into a common, tool-supported process. They therefore make an important contribution to relieving the IT, ensure licence compliance and support cyber-security. This creates freedom for innovations. More than this: they prepare the way for a company’s digital transformation – because digitalisation starts in the IT.


    Author: Benedikt Gasch, CTO
    DeskCenter Solutions AG

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