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The State Office for Flood Protection and Water Management (LHW)

Whether for Android, iOS or BYOD – Deskcenter puts LHW back on dry land

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    Whether for Android, iOS or BYOD – Deskcenter puts LHW back on dry land

    LHW in Saxony-Anhalt stands for modern flood protection in the region. Its three pillars are precautionary measures, technical flood protection, and strengthening of natural water retention in the catchment. It plans and constructs flood defenses, such as dikes, weirs, sluices, and pumping stations, and develops and implements flood protection concepts. Throughout Saxony-Anhalt, the LHW maintains 2,043 kilometers of first-order watercourses and operates floodgates on the Unstrut and Saale rivers.

    With Deskcenter Mobile, we’ve transferred our mobile Android devices to a secure and transparent Enterprise Mobility Management solution that complies with GDPR.

    IT-Administrator, State Office for Flood Protection and Water Management (lhw) in SaxonyAnhalt


    LHW uses the Deskcenter Management Suite to manage a total of around 800 systems in various locations. LHW uses Deskcenter Mobile, the enterprise mobility management solution from Deskcenter, to control the mobile system landscape. Its employees use Android business smartphones and tablets, which, prior to the introduction of Deskcenter Mobile, had to be manually set up and maintained. Torsten Haupt, IT Administrator at LHW, has now largely automated the registration process and manages the entire device life-cycle with Deskcenter. He explains:

    „When we managed mobile devices manually, the version statuses couldn’t be defined. Various versions of operating systems and apps were installed and in circulation. With Deskcenter Mobile, all apps are automatically checked every day to ensure they are up-to-date. They are then updated in the background if necessary. And it’s the same with the operating systems. Without an EMM solution, the technical status of the mobile devices was also unclear.“ – says Torsten Haupt, IT-Administrator at LHW.


    • Undefined version statuses of operating systems and apps
    • Manual management of mobile devices and software
    • Around 800 systems in various locations


    • Automation of manual registration processes
    • Integration into the existing IT management system
    • Fast support for users anytime anywhere

    Inventory, data privacy in the event of loss, app updates, and operating system updates were on the checklist


    Due to their specific set requirements, LHW IT Managers had to find and implement an EMM solution that ensures both a reliable overview and secure control of all operating systems and applications on the mobile end devices. The protection of data in the event of loss was another crucial factor.

    Gewässer mit Strand und Booten

    For us, the most important questions to answer were: Which versions of the operating systems and apps are in use? Which apps are installed? How are the work devices protected in the event of loss? How is business data protected from privately installed apps? It was also important to be able to gradually withdraw the users’ administrator rights to enable us to manage our mobile end devices professionally.”

    IT-Administrator, State Office for Flood Protection and Water Management (lhw) in SaxonyAnhalt

    From a technical perspective, Deskcenter Mobile instantly convinced


    IT managers at LHW have not regretted their decision to implement Deskcenter Mobile as an Enterprise Mobility Management Solution. Following an impressive (and remote, COVID-safe) product presentation, the choice was obvious for Torsten Haupt: “Deskcenter Mobile was created with IT administrators in mind. This is clear from the free remote support option and various chat options that are integrated, for example. Thanks to these, it’s very easy for the administrator to help users any time they need assistance – that’s really useful right now when many people are working from home.”

    However, the free remote support option and the userfriendliness of Deskcenter Mobile weren’t the only features to impress Torsten Haupt. Other key factors in the decision were its integration into the Deskcenter Management Suite and the comprehensive management functions. As the solution is integrated into the existing IT management system, a large amount of asset data can be retrieved from a single location. For example, all contracts can be optimized by analyzing actual data consumption.

    Torsten Haupt is confident that the right choice was made: “A complex registration process can often be daunting and it complicates access to an EMM solution. With Deskcenter Mobile, we’ve found a simple Mobile Device Management solution that allows all end users to very easily register their devices.”

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