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W. u. H. Fernholz GmbH & Co. KG

Software Management under control instead of ‘uncontrolled growth’ with Deskcenter

    Softwaremanagement under control instead of ‘uncontrolled growth’

    Fernholz produces modern packaging solutions and sheets made of thermoplastics. The company’s primary focus is the manufacture of plastic packaging, such as yogurt cups, through injection molding and thermoforming, as well as sheet extrusion for food and dairy products. With approximately 220 employees, Fernholz processes 2,000 tons of plastic granulate each month, which is turned into approximately 2.5 billion units of packaging per year. Felix Wiese, IT manager at Fernholz reports on how Fernholz uses Deskcenter Management Suite:

    “Since I had already used at another company, the decision was easy. I had a pretty accurate understanding of what was missing and how Deskcenter could help Fernholz. Furthermore, we didn’t have a comprehensive IT management system in place and continuous documentation processes were missing. Allocating systems to users was difficult and often cost us a lot of time. You could say that Deskcenter was just what we needed.”

    We focus on precisely what’s important

    Since then, Fernholz has been using the Deskcenter Management Suite to manage all of the systems at its two sites in Meinerzhagen and Schkopau, and most processes are automated. The focus is on software management and license management. “What I really like about Deskcenter is that I can define exactly what I need and I only have to purchase licenses for these particular modules. A tool with bells and whistles that we don’t use is not economical and is unnecessary,” explains Felix Wiese appreciatively. Deskcenter gives him a comprehensive overview of the entire IT landscape. What software is being used in which department and by whom? Even during the very first inventory, Deskcenter provided clarity quickly and saved Felix Wiese a lot of time.

    Thanks to Deskcenter, I have a constant overview of the entire IT landscape and I can respond even quicker when there is a problem.

    Felix Wiese
    IT-Manager, W.u.H. Fernholz GmbH & Co. KG


    • Too intransparent software landscape without targeted user administration
    • No compliance in license management
    • Lack of cost control in contract management


    • Standardization through software deploymentsaves time spent on maintencance
    • Precise allocation of systems at the push of a button
    • Licence management prevents unauthorized software

    Ready for Windows 10 with Deskcenter

    Allocating systems correctly and figuring out quickly and easily where which software is needed can be done at the push of a button with Deskcenter. For example, Felix Wiese can see immediately which computers must first be swapped out because they are not compatible with Windows 10. Taking inventory gives companies a detailed overview of each system, and if necessary, provides up to 3,500 pieces of information per device.

    Felix Wiese can generate his own views and graphs with the console’s dynamic dashboard. In just a few clicks, statistics and views can be created, which can then be used as documentation and as the basis for decision making.

    Fernholz Fabrik von Innen

    Software deployment and license management go hand in hand


    Another benefit is the comprehensive license management feature, which thanks to Deskcenter, has now taken root at Fernholz. “With Deskcenter, we know exactly on which devices licenses are missing and which licenses are superfluous or not being used correctly. For example, we know when a user has installed software on a computer that shouldn’t be on it. This ‘uncontrolled growth’ is something Deskcenter is good at containing.”

    With Deskcenter software deployment, many things can be standardized, for example, ensuring that each computer uses the same Adobe Reader. And Felix Wiese also wants to be prepared for audits. “Deskcenter has helped us create a valid license management program that offers us peace of mind in the event of a manufacturer audit. I always have a current overview of all licenses, which means I can react quickly if something is missing. Expensive relicensing is therefore not a problem.
    License management also includes the associated contract management. With Deskcenter, Felix Wiese can map the entire documentation process from the very beginning and keep it up to date so he can keep costs under control.

    For Fernholz, managing their software portfolio and the corresponding licenses is crucial in today’s world. Keeping manual records is a thing of the past.


    It´s absolutely essential


    Since Fernholz has implemented Deskcenter, their ability to respond quickly to problems has significantly improved. The ability to automate restarts and services, as well as deploy software quickly to systems, makes life easier for Felix Wiese. “For small companies with a minimally staffed IT department, a tool such as Deskcenter is essential because it minimizes the workload. That our processes are now more automated does not mean that everything runs on its own, however, Deskcenter gives us peace of mind and the freedom we need. The systems are stable and this means our users are happy.”

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