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Volkswagen AG

Volkswagen AG relies on the Deskcenter Management Suite to manage its IT structure

    Implementation of the Deskcenter Management Suite at Volkswagen

    What motivates people to highest performance? What lies concealed beneath the bonnet of a car? And who will determine the economy of the future? The Volkswagen Group is one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers and the largest carmaker in Europe. The Group operates 61 production plants in fifteen European countries and a further six countries in the Americas, Asia and Africa. The car models Golf, Golf Plus, Touran and the Tiguan are built in the company’s headquarters Wolfsburg. The Volkswagen Group in Wolfsburg already manages 1.350 clients and 28 helpdesks with Deskcenter Management Suite.

    The successful combination of Helpdesk, System Management and the holistic approach helps us to minimize the loss of production. The Deskcenter Management Suite has proven its worth in practice.

    Holger Rozanski
    Volkswagen AG


    • Minimize risk of system failure and downtime
    • Central coordination of all employees
    • Fast implementation without noticeable project delays or excessive financial losses


    • Complete documentation for rapid recovery of all systems using the DCMS reporting
    • Holistic and modular management of Deskcenter Management Suite
    • After 6 weeks the Deskcenter Management Suite was fully operational with no losses

    Volkswagen is looking for a holistic and modular IT management solution

    2.500 Microsoft Windows based computer systems are responsible for controlling the production process. These systems are operated in a 3 shift system with a production amount of more than 300 vehicles per shift. Only one single system failure would stop the whole production process and cause a serious financial loss. To minimize downtimes, it is important to ensure a gapless and fast recovery of failed systems. This can, among others, be attained by a complete and flawless documentation. To coordinate the Volkswagen staff sufficiently, an optimal service and helpdesk management is inevitable. For the tasks in systems and service management, a software solution had to be found that is, on the one hand, made in a modular concept and, on the other hand, offers a holistic approach for all problems in the Wolfsburg plant.

    After testing a series of products, they found out that none was able to fully meet the requirements of Volkswagen, especially in the area of system documentation and service management. The company considered the Deskcenter Management Suite to be the best approach finding the right software solution. This consideration was based on the fact that the modules for Hardware and Software Inventory, Asset and License Management, File and Contract Management, System Management, Software Deployment and Helpdesk were already available in the Deskcenter Management Suite.

    After only six weeks, the software was fully productive. Volkswagen is a great practical example for one of the main advantages of the Deskcenter Management Suite: the quick productivity. Additionally, the employees learned how to use the new software in a 5-day training on site. The fast integration into the workflows and the short implementation time also lead to the fact that the extra costs of the project were reduced to a minimum. Today, Volkswagen successfully uses all modules of the Deskcenter Management Suite.

    VW Gebäude und Pkw

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