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Technolit GmbH

Technolit GmbH optimizes time, costs and work thanks to Deskcenter

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    Technolit GmbH optimizes time, costs, and work thanks to Deskcenter

    TECHNOLIT® GmbH, established by Wilhelm Lang in 1979, is a company operating globally with more than 1,800 employees in the office and in the field. The company headquarters is located in Großenlüder, near the baroque city of Fulda. As a full-range provider of welding technology, TECHNOLIT® GmbH offers high-quality products such as welding machines, welding filler materials, and welding accessories, as well as a range of expert services.

    “For First-Level Support, the Deskcenter Management Suite is the main application used to support users on a daily basis.”

    TECHNOLIT® runs a total of 950 systems and 10 hypervisors at various sites. The company wanted to be ready for recurring audits and be able to quickly and easily map its license inventory. In addition, it had often found manual software installations to be prone to errors and very time-consuming in the past. The company wanted to significantly reduce the number of staff who are tied up in handling these IT issues. Finally, IT staff found that keeping manual lists in Excel was too cumbersome and outmoded. This all made the introduction of an IT management solution absolutely essential.

    License management and manual software installation were time-consuming before implementing the Deskcenter Management Suite.

    “A software audit made it clear that we needed a license management solution. We wanted to be better prepared for recurring audits and be able to quickly provide information about our current licenses. That’s why we were looking for a solution to simplify license management and deliver valid results for upcoming audits. We wanted its implementation to simplify existing processes and make things easier for employees to manage”, says René Wolf of the company’s decision to use the Deskcenter Management Suite.

    IT managers soon discovered that Deskcenter’s holistic approach could also be used to tackle other important IT issues and that combining various modules enabled comprehensive IT management.
    “As our experience of license management with Deskcenter was very positive, we gradually implemented the other modules in the Deskcenter Management Suite, for example, for automated software deployment”, explains René Wolf. “As a result, we were also able to tackle this issue quickly, as manual deployment had always resulted in too many errors in the past.”

    With Deskcenter, we have found a comprehensive solution for daily tasks in the IT department and can look forward with confidence to the next audit because we now have a clear overview of our licensing status.

    Rene Wolf
    IT Infrastructur manager TECHNOLIT® GmbH


    • Time consuming license management and manual software installations
    • Long-winded IT processes
    • High error rate in software distribution


    • Reduced manual processes and workload
    • Up-to-date license overview ready for every audit
    • Automatec software deployment minimizes sources of error

    License management and software management now run smoothly with Deskcenter

    The IT department at TECHNOLIT® has reduced its daily IT workload by around 30% since the Deskcenter Management Suite was introduced. In addition, its implementation was completed within a very short space of time, so that IT managers were already able to start using the software after a short training period.
    “Thanks to the automated rollout of agents in the domain and easy entry of software data in the individual systems, we were able to work productively after just two days”, says René Wolf, describing the rollout of the Deskcenter Management Suite. “We were able to complete implementation of the Suite ourselves.”

    Shortly after rollout, the Deskcenter Management Suite succeeded in significantly boosting the efficiency of the company’s IT processes. “Now we can analyze whether licenses are even being used by users in a system. If not, we uninstall the software. This frees up licenses that we can put to better use elsewhere”, explains Wolf. Deskcenter also offers clear, comprehensive, and up-to-date license management so that the company’s current licensing situation can be mapped at any time as required. For IT Support, the Deskcenter Management Suite is the main application used to support users.

    Deskcenter Patch Management is on the cards for the future

    Thanks to Deskcenter, TECHNOLIT® was able to effectively reduce the costs of licenses and the time required for software deployment. The holistic approach to managing routine IT issues, automated license management, comprehensive reporting, and simplified software deployment have benefited the company in tangible ways. The introduction of Deskcenter Patch Management functions, including patch level analysis, is the next milestone on the roadmap, while the use of automated OS deployment is another option with obvious benefits. In this way, a single solution can be used to cover as many aspects of IT management as possible.

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