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Emergency Hospital Berlin

    IT Infrastructure at tight control at the Emergency Hospital Berlin

    The Emergency Hospital Berlin is a highly specialised clinic centre. The IT systems and security department is responsible for the hospital’s complete IT infrastructure. This starts with the IT network infrastructure, includes the passive and active components, server storage systems and even reaches the applications and management of the hospital information system. Deskcenter Management Suite has been used successfully at the Emergency Hospital Berlin since 2012.

    When using Deskcenter Management Suite, Norman Lück from the IT systems and security department and departmental head Toralf Skeries can be sure everything will work fine. They have their IT infrastructure under control.

    Deskcenter Management Suite runs – it does what it’s supposed to do! We haven’t had a single failure in six years.

    Norman Lück
    system administrator for the IT system and security department, UKB Berlin

    Toralf Skeries reports on using Deskcenter Management Suite in the Emergency Hospital Berlin:

    “Deskcenter Management Suite centralises the complete IT asset management in the company.  All of the modules interact with each other. We find the Suite’s licence management particularly beneficial. I always have an overview thanks to the links between the systems and licences or contracts. I can depict all of the potential contract models. In particular we use the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and this gives us control over how many licences we are currently using. At the press of a button I can show the licence balance and decide whether I need to buy more and act accordingly.”


    • Organization of the entire IT infrastucture of the hospital
    • Stringent IT Security
    • Advance planning of a company extension


    • Tasks of the IT department are done centrally for all workplaces
    • Recording of all relevant system data for valid evaluations
    • Cumulative cost distribution trough integrated reporting

    The Emergency Hospital Berlin focuses in particular on stringent IT security. The systems and components must be kept up-to-date to prevent access for attacks and damaging software. Overall, complete software packages are updated regularly with Deskcenter Management Suite.

    Deskcenter Management Suite does not directly make the system more secure but it plays a key role in keeping the systems that we support secure.

    Toralf Skeries
    Division Manager IT Systems and Security, UKB Berlin

    T. Skeries also gets a complete overview of the annual IT investment and its usage via Deskcenter Management Suite. In the future, Emergency Hospital Berlin will create 200 new workstations. A new rehab building is being constructed on the campus. The systems to be purchased can be pre-planned using the reports shown in the DCMS.

    “A massive benefit for IT economic planning,” comments T. Skeries. “The systems at the accident hospital must run 24/7 – just as their motto says.”

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