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DeskCenter accompanies customers towards Unified Endpoint Management

with its new IT Asset Management solution

    DeskCenter Management Suite (DCMS) V.11, which has been redeveloped from scratch, offers freely definable assets, multi-tenancy capability based on a single SQL database and a very comprehensive role and rights concept that takes the pressure off IT resources, ensures maximum agility and protects complex IT infrastructures.

    Leipzig, 7 May 2019 – The Leipzig-based solution provider has completely modified its core product and undertaken significant development to the interface design and technological structure. DCMS V.11 enables companies and public institutions to manage their IT securely and productively – even in complex environments. The new IT management solution provides the ideal conditions to set up integral IT management that can be configured to the customers’ individual needs based on the multi-tenancy capability on a single SQL database, a wide-ranging role and rights concept and controlling.

    One of the core elements of DCMS V.11 is the new multi-tenancy capability on a single SQL database. This enables medium-sized companies with complex structures to manage their IT services in an even more targeted manner. Once defined centrally, the configurations and data can be transferred to several clients and used there widely. It is irrelevant whether the clients are organised as subsidiaries, corporate divisions or cost centres: the solution stores and manages all of the data for each client separately in a common SQL database. This enables decentralised structures to be broken down and converted into Unified Endpoint Management.

    Managed service partners also benefit from the multi-tenancy capability of DCMS V.11 and the ability to scale the services. They can therefore provide such services as asset management, workplace management or licence management from their own data centre across various locations.

    Roles and rights for agile work in IT

    Additional rights concepts can be implemented easily with the new role and rights concept used by DCMS V.11. Individual rights can be defined and assigned ad hoc down to the data field level. In addition, sensitive data fields can be stored with encryption in the database. DeskCenter completely relies on the “Privacy by Design” guidelines required by GDPR and supplements this with the comprehensive logging of data changes.

    IT organisations also benefit from the wide-ranging multi-tenancy capability which enables roles and rights to be transferred to lower level units.

    Data management and dashboards with maximum flexibility

    With DCMS V.11 DeskCenter is focusing on flexible data management. There is no strict differentiation between systems, components, servers and mobile devices. Each basic data object is considered to be an asset and can if necessary be extended into a system, component or mobile device. The assignment of such functions as software distribution or licence management can also be freely selected by each asset. In addition, assets can be inventoried and grouped by various means. It is therefore possible, for example, to manage non-IT assets such as locking systems, vehicles or furniture, alongside IT assets in the same database and individually link them with each other. For example: server racks with the associated servers and network components.
    Dynamic dashboards offer additional flexibility. In addition to a number of dashboards that have already been defined, DCMS V.11 offers the option to configure analyses with company-specific indicators.

    Simple integration with existing applications

    DCMS V.11 also extends the Microsoft patch management. Customers using the Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) can now release updates directly from DCMS.

    DCMS now also offers a JSON-based REST-API to link existing island solutions. Data from existing applications for inventory, asset and licence management or the service desk can be bundled and managed centrally in one interface.

    Christoph A. Harvey, Chief Executive Officer, DeskCenter Solutions AG explains:
    “Companies now have to be significantly more agile, handle complex IT environments and manage a wide range of diverse devices securely as well as comply with licensing regulations. So it’s impossible to avoid using integral  IT management. DeskCenter takes this into account by automating most processes, linking them closely with each other and providing the data from IT-relevant sources in dashboards at all times for quick decision-making.”

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