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New dual-leadership at Deskcenter Group

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    Change in the Executive Board at IT software company: Markus Gaertner and Christoph Harvey are driving Deskcenter forward with fresh corporate culture

    LEIPZIG, February 24th, 2021 – Deskcenter AG has a new Executive Board. Markus Gaertner and Christoph Harvey have taken responsibility for the software company’s business as of the beginning of February 2021. The new duo is a well-rehearsed team, who have previously worked together and have plans to advance the international course Deskcenter has already set. They will do this with unconventional ideas and a new corporate culture. A first visible sign of change is that the two managers are dispensing with the usual honorous job titles and are simply trading as the executive board members. At the core of their leadership principles will be high agility, flat hierarchies, open communication, and transparency.

    Gaertner and Harvey are not unknown entities for their Deskcenter team. Both joined the company in 2013, having met three years earlier at a system house in Leipzig. “I have fond memories of those years together,” says Christoph Harvey. “Markus and I started building up an international business back then and were always close in our ideals and goals. Hence, I am now even more thrilled that we can now get it going again, with the same tuned in energy and effectiveness”. In particular, the duo wants to address the rapidly changing world of work with an innovative and visionary corporate culture that prioritises customer benefit and mindfulness in daily interaction with each another. “This sounds obvious, but on closer inspection it holds enormous possibilities,” adds Gaertner. “Details will follow and reveal themselves to the Deskcenter team and customers alike.”

    press release new exec board: Christoph Harvey und Markus Gaertner
    press release new exec board: Christoph Harvey und Markus Gaertner

    Markus Gärtner, born in Leipzig in 1983, began his career as a working student in the field of software asset management. Early on, he took on responsibility as a team leader for solution consultancy and implemented wide ranging projects for his first two employers. From 2013 to 2015, he already worked for Deskcenter as a senior consultant and licence audit specialist. Thereafter, he made the move into freelancing, programming the control unit for aquaphonics systems. From 2016 he took over management of several national and international agile development teams for Comparex AG. When he returned to Deskcenter in the middle of 2020, his role as Development Scrum Master enabled him to bring a new mindset to all development teams.

    Christoph Harvey, born in 1964, spent a major part of his youth in Canada and currently lives in Germany, near Frankfurt. For the 1987 B.A. Economics graduate from the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada, his career began exactly where he has felt right at home ever since – in management. He took his first steps as an assistant to the vice chairman of Nixdorf Computer, and shortly before the takeover by Siemens, was appointed as a marketing manager at Nixdorf Computer in the UK. For the majority of the 1990s he was part of developing the Central European business of Sequent Computer Systems, until he was called to the managing director’s post of Sage Germany. From then on, Christoph Harvey worked continuously in management boards of various companies in the IT and software industry with different responsibilities, but mainly in the areas of sales, marketing, finance as well as operational management and as chief executive of the management board. In 2012, he finally founded his own management consulting company and looked for new challenges on the global market. These arose the very next year in the form of Deskcenter, a company that had just emerged from its start-up phase and was looking for active support in developing its growth strategy. Christoph Harvey became a co-owner and CEO shortly afterwards. In spring 2020, after the inclusion of a new majority shareholder, he switched to the internationalisation of Deskcenter for a year before taking on the renewed executive board position. As it goes, a manager does not have much free time, but when Christoph Harvey gets the chance to enjoy this “rare pleasure”, he prefers to do so extensively with music.

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