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Deskcenter Mobile closes the security gap in the iOS Mail app

    With Deskcenter Mobile, customers can respond immediatly to Apple’s latest vulnerability.

    Leipzig, 26 May 2020 – the Federal Office for Information Security has issued a warning about two current security gaps in the Apple Mail app. These affect all iOS versions going back to iOS 6. A remedy is at hand with the Mobile Device Management solution from software manufacturer Deskcenter Solutions AG, which prevents hacker attacks.

    The iOS Mail app was recently affected by two security gaps, which the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) classifies as very security-critical. As no patches are currently available for these two vulnerabilities, the BSI recommends avoiding use of the Apple Mail app until a security update is available from the manufacturer. Software manufacturer Deskcenter Solutions AG is helping companies in the short term with targeted measures to respond quickly to the vulnerabilities. An alternative mail app can be quickly and easily installed on all company devices thanks to the Deskcenter Mobile solution from the Mobile Device Management suite.

    Deskcenter recommends taking the immediate step of using an another app, such as Outlook, to send emails. Deskcenter customers can do this very simply and easily by deploying the alternative mail app on the affected devices and updating it if necessary.

    With an Enterprise Mobility solution, implementing the provisioning and planned deployment of applications, system updates, and software updates is simple and secure, even for consumer devices. Deskcenter Mobile enables full enterprise integration for Apple and Android. Via DEP and VPP, many settings and apps from the Apple Business Manager can be easily deployed, and updates can be provisioned quickly, easily, and automatically for iPads and iPhones.

    Manuel Schick
    Senior Consultant Mobile Device Management, Deskcenter AG

    For more information about Deskcenter Mobile, see the software manufacturer’s website and the current webinar series on the topic of MDM and mobile software deployment.

    Mit Deskcenter Mobile MS Outlook ausrollen und konfigurieren
    Mit Deskcenter Mobile MS Outlook ausrollen und konfigurieren

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