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DeskCenter is now Deskcenter

    new Deskcenter logo and slogan

    The IT solutions company DeskCenter Solutions has taken the start of the new decade to launch their new corporate identity (CI). New colours, a new corporate icon logo, as well as the new website deliver a fresh look and modern presence. The new and provocative company tagline “Rule IT” is a positive challenger towards managing ever more complex IT infrastructures and stands for Deskcenters proven products and services.

    In 2019, Deskcenter embarked on the modernization of its brand. The software company knew, that after 12 years it was time to build a fresh, dynamic and more contempory presence. In the process of their brand building, Deskcenter established with its customers, partner and employees, that it stands for innovation, intuitive products and services, as well as being an organisation, which stands for practicality, helpfulness and gaining control. All this delivers Deskcenter customers the necessary products and services to control and manage their more and more complex IT infrastructures.

    Especially in current times of Digital Transformation, the values of dependability, security and authenticity are of importance, which is why Deskcenter remains to have their focus there. Deskcenter understands itself as part of the team with their customers in jointly mastering their IT challenges.

    „We stand for a world where IT needs to deliver to serve and our customers can manage their work as productive and securely as possible.“, Christoph Harvey, CEO Deskcenter Solutions AG

    The new tagline „Rule IT“ mirrors these technological and human aspects and symbolyses the targeted control of information technology in a digital world. The new iconic logo represents optimized order to reach an ideal scenario. At the same time it stands for the modularity of Deskcenters IT management solution and the “D” in Deskcenter. With the new branding, its elements and new colours, petrol green and yellow, Deskcenter is entering the new decade as a supplier of IT solutions enabling their customers and partners to deliver holistic IT-Assetmanagement infrastructures, replacing incoherent singular products with userfriendly IT environments and services.

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