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Managing a hybrid IT infrastructure efficiently

Comprehensive UEM relieves IT

    IT security ensures licenses are cost-effective and keeps the software up to date – a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution is offered to manage different devices in your IT infrastructure. One condition: It must closely link all disciplines of IT management.

    The number and variety of mobile devices in an IT infrastructure is higher than ever. Today, one in five “information workers” work with three or more mobile devices a week. This was shown in the Forrester study “Unified Endpoint Management, Q4 2018”. With silo-like individual solutions, such a wide range of devices can no longer be managed efficiently.

    OS Deployment Made Easy to optimize your IT infrastructure

    The fact that UEM is gaining momentum is due to the fact that operating systems for stationary and mobile devices can now be managed in an integrated manner by UEM tools such as the DeskCenter Management Suite. This offers enormous productivity advantages in the installation of the operating system and a great deal of flexibility. This allows deployment processes to be highly automated and software packages to be integrated directly into the operating system roll-out. In doing so, IT determines individually what steps the workflows are working on, whether it’s deploying hardware-specific device drivers or activating bitlocker to encrypt a harddrive.

    UEM Deskcenter Solution

    Secure Software Distribution

    An integrated UEM solution makes it easier for IT administrators to distribute software and patches while increasing security. With DeskCenter’s managed service offering, software packages are always up-to-date, flawlessly installable, without annoying features like toolbars and they are tested for malicious code. When applications are conveniently delivered to users via a self-service portal, the approval workflows speed up processes whilst also significantly increasing the standardization of a company’s software portfolios. Deposited security policies control which applications employees are allowed to use on a particular device or whether they are fundamentally allowed to install applications from different App stores. Holistic UEM solutions combine all client and mobility management processes.

    Hand in Hand: Security and Compliance for your IT infrastructure

    Shadow IT exists in virtually every company and carries considerable security and compliance risks. In order to remedy this situation, the DeskCenter Management Suite regularly inventories all hard and software assets without gaps and compares them against both a software recognition catalog and the asset management database. In the dashboard, it is clearly shown whether and which devices and applications exist, alongside the authorized IT infrastructure. Applications can be uninstalled directly if required. A comprehensive UEM tool like DeskCenter’s also addresses the complex requirements of IT compliance. It helps to avoid over-licensing and under-licensing and, thanks to Application Metering, generates meaningful reports about the actual use of software. A controlled end-of-life process ensures the secure and definitive deletion of sensitive data from all data carriers.

    Built-in Service Delivery – More Than Just Support

    IT help desks need to manage the balancing act between low operating costs and optimal service quality. Once their processes are integrated into the UEM, support cases and service requests are handled in a highly efficient and user-friendly manner. After all, all relevant information for each device can be retrieved directly from the ticket – whether from license management, commissioning or asset management. For example, the ticket can be used to initiate patch installations directly, and if an installation fails or a required license does not exist, a ticket is automatically generated.

    Heterogeneous IT infrastructure, Just One Tool

    Managing and securing hybrid an IT infrastructure with all devices no longer requires individual solutions. Fully accessible Unified Endpoint Management provides a standardized interface for mobile devices, PCs and any other devices. Best-in-class applications such as the DeskCenter Management Suite integrate additional disciplines from the UEM such as license management, help desk and, of course, the inventory. This means that IT departments can manage assets, users and processes holistically, ensuring license compliance, IT security, data protection and service quality through an application. This makes work easier and frees up much-needed IT capacity.

    Author: Benedikt Gasch, CTO, DeskCenter Solutions AG

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