IT specialist launches a strategic double hit

Deskcenter Solutions AG now provides its network and the industry with valuable insights and at the same time drives its own internationalization

Leipzig, July 01, 2020 – Good news for breakfast? A future standard in the IT industry. The reason for this hardly makes it into the message columns: A German software company is offering complimentary access to the Gartner report, “Overcome the Fears, Embrace the Benefits and Launch a Remote Work Pilot Program.” Valuable insights for dynamic processes in an eventful time.

“Not only, but especially in our industry and IT management in general, critical questions currently need to be clarified,” explains Deskcenter CEO Holger Maul. “How can you optimally organize the switch to home office, for example? How then do managers manage the return of their employees to work and the experience gained from them? What insights can be derived from this for a strategic realignment in the future? We do not operate mysterious ivory tower magic, but instead rely on holistic network thinking and direct knowledge transfer. Because of this and because of our software solution, we can also describe ourselves as an ideal technology supplier for customers from medium-sized companies.”

With this claim, Deskcenter AG continues its course unequivocally. Expansion of core business in the DACH region, significant increase in market potential on an international level. The IT house is proud to offer a reprint from Gartner. “We benefit from international experience and expertise at the highest level, which is also reflected in our valuable advice on strategy and addressing customers. And the nice thing is that we can combine these great advantages for us with direct benefits for our network and the entire industry.”