Manage all licences consistently
and ensure IT compliance

Software and the resulting necessary licences are an essential element of a product or service’s value-added chain. Through the DeskCenter Licence Management Solution you retain transparency over the use of all of the company’s licences, securely recognise compliance risks and at the same time plan IT investments in a targeted manner.

In combination with the Deployment & Release Management Solution, this forms a complete process to optimise your licensing costs, e.g. by reclaiming unused licenses back to the available license pool.

This is how you ensure that costs and compliance have the best possible combination and your IT organisation can always deliver “best-in-class” services to the company.

Ihre Wertschöpfung aus der Lizenz Management Solution

  • Cloud use
  • Compliance
  • Effektive IT services
  • Efficiency
  • Investment optimisation
  • Control
  • Cost optimisation
  • Usage optimisation
  • Shared services
  • Transparency

Inventorisation and product detection

This is unique: only DeskCenter clearly detects software from over 18,000 manufacturers – whether for complex individual applications or whole suites  – and depicts all licence metrics automatically. Thanks to the integrated, cloud-based update service we always work with the most up-to-date product detection. We therefore guarantee you comprehensive detection of the software environment. The basis for the unique detection and assignment is loss-free inventorisation with which you can record over 3,500 system details. DeskCenter is therefore the complete solution for consistent software asset management.

Licence  and contract management

You need contractual transparency to avoid subsequent service or maintenance costs. In addition to the precise depiction of all licences used in the company, the DeskCenter Licence Management Solution also ensures the archiving and management of all commercial data, such as licence and contract documents for the complete software portfolio, at a central location. All licence types and metrics are taken into account when calculating the licences as are various usage rights, upgrades and downgrades. This data forms the basis for your reports and the licence balance.

Compliance reporting and licence balance

With DeskCenter you fulfil the licence requirements of all common software makers and are well-prepared in the event of an audit. License positions are constantly validated against technical and commercial inventory. A clear traffic light system informs you about the current situation with licences. This avoids a lack of licences and the use of software that has not been approved. The reports that can be generated have been configured to provide clear answers in the event of an audit. As the first KPMG–certified IT management solution, DeskCenter Software Asset Management includes all of the functions required to support software licence compliance in the company.


The perfect combination of costs, security and compliance

With the DeskCenter Licence Management Solution you will immediately see if licences are missing or unused and can respond quickly if necessary. Get full transparency over all assets, licences and contracts. Optimise your software environment and adapt the licences to the actual use. The KPMG–certified licence reporting ensures you are able to make immediate statements in the event of an audit. This protects you under licence law and at the same time retains cost control.