IT Asset Management

What exactly is IT asset management?

IT asset management (ITAM) is another term for IT inventory management. It denotes the management and detailed documentation of a company’s hardware and software inventory and their relationships and interdependencies. In addition to the inventory and management of IT assets, ITAM also provides valuable contributions to purchase and investment decisions, the definition and ongoing development of the basic IT strategy, the ongoing optimization of the use of IT assets and has a significant impact on almost all business areas. Ideally, the entire lifecycle of an asset can be mapped with a seamless IT asset management solution so that you can make tactical and strategic outlook decisions.

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Why is IT asset management so important?

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Overview and control

To manage and protect your IT infrastructure, you must maintain a complete and always up-to-date overview that is then managed by a well-designed and simple ITAM solution. It helps you to keep control of your IT infrastructure, be able to provide information at any time and to act instead of just reacting. So you eliminate potential security leaks before they appear.

Reducing costs

Reliable IT asset management minimizes the risk of unnecessary hardware and software costs as well as financial penalties imposed for violating legal, contractual, or official regulations. You can also intelligently manage software licenses to ensure IT compliance and at the same time optimize costs over the long term.


Solid ITAM ensures scalability and agility. In particular, IT assets can be proactively purchased with the help of the collected data, associated historical reports and trend analyses. Decisions and operational necessities can be easily derived from the data.

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We manage the complete IT infrastructure of the AGAPLESION Group with Deskcenter Management Suite. All of the relevant information is available within the shortest possible time. This significantly simplifies the IT planning and administration.

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License Manager, Central Services IT, Agaplasion gAG
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Through the unique combination of inventory, IT asset management and license management, we are able to use hardware and software efficiently and to ensure IT compliance.


Dr. Ralf Mittereger
Department Manager Information Services, Technical College Salzburg
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For us only one solution was worth considering – the handling must be self-explanatory with a user-friendly interface but no restrictions in functionality.



Stefan Zauner
Information Technology Officer, GEISLINGER GmbH

How can efficient IT asset management be implemented?



The comprehensive, always up-to-date inventory of your IT infrastructure across platforms is the basis for almost all IT processes. With Deskcenter Management Suite, you can record your IT landscape in an extremely short time and in a resource-saving manner.


Asset Management

Asset management and inventory often go hand in hand for successful, seamless IT management. With our asset management software and benefit from a freely customizable interface and user-defined asset types. So you have maximum flexibility and an optimal structure.



Licence Management

Identifying unused software saves you a lot of money. Our software asset management and license management functions help you find unused programs quickly, optimize your software licenses and the belonging contracts and at the same time ensure your compliance.


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