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Want to learn more about Deskcenter? Who is this international software provider and what exactly is Deskcenter? To answer these questions, we need to look back at 2002. This was the year the foundation for Deskcenter AG was laid in the form of a comprehensive and user-friendly inventory solution. We systematically lived our vision for integrated IT management software over the years so that we would become who we are today: a well-known, international, and certified IT company.

Now Deskcenter is much more than just a software provider from Leipzig. Deskcenter is also synonymous with an integrated IT solution approach that understands the challenges and concerns of users. The words “desk” and “center” are used together as a symbol of a centralized and practical workspace where IT managers can maintain an overview of their IT infrastructure and manage it intelligently. Read and learn more about our company history and our mission to create a unique IT solution for efficient, secure, and resource-friendly IT management.

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Our mission

As an IT solution provider, IT management is more than just a profession. It’s the future. Every company must have an organized and well-planned IT infrastructure, because IT requirements continue to grow and change. That is why automating work processes and increasing economic efficiency are essential to any business. We provide years of experience and expertise to support you when it comes to this. We also place great importance on trust and transparency so we can offer all of our customers the best service possible. We do this by focusing on momentum, flexibility, customer focus, and technical advancements.

Our history

Each company has its history. We are proud of our history and want to present to you the most important milestones of our company history in a structured time line, starting with our most recent success: Release V11.

new Deskcenter logo and slogan


Deskcenter gives itself a new face. With new colors and a new logo, the Deskcenter brand increases its modern and dynamic image for the company and its solutions.

celebrate-V11_web UEM standards


Release V.11
We release the 11th version of our management suite, ushering in a new age of Deskcenter and setting new standards for integrated IT management or unified endpoint management (UEM).



KPMG certification
Deskcenter fulfills the licensing terms of Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, and all other popular software provider. And in the case of a software audit, you are on the safe side. Deskcenter Management Suite is therefore the first KPMG-certified IT Management Suite.

ehemalige Deskcenter Mitarbeiter


Release V.10
The release of Deskcenter Management Suite Version 10 puts us in a solid position in the international IT market and gives us the technological advantage in unified endpoint management.

alte Deskcenter CI


Founding of Deskcenter Solutions AG
The first version of Deskcenter Management Suite is ready for use, starting signal for the foundation of Deskcenter Solutions AG.

altes Deskcenter Logo


Conception of Deskcenter Management Suite
The idea for a user-friendly and efficient IT management solution is developed based on day-to-day IT processes and use cases.

IT company in Arthur-Hoffmann street

Deskcenters headquarters in Leipzig

Career at Deskcenter

Want to become part of the Deskcenter team?

We are always looking for experienced, motivated people who want to help us move the Deskcenter brand forward. Join our IT company and feel the team spirit at our headquarters south of Leipzig. You will also benefit from goal-oriented employee development and other benefits, which, together with our relaxed working environment, modern building, and collegial group of employees, make it the ideal place to work.


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