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What exactly does OS deployment mean?

OS deployment is the distribution and installation of complete server and desktop operating systems on multiple clients. System updates and system upgrades are extremely important for this because they close security gaps and improve device performance over the long term. If you want to install operating systems automatically from a central location and roll out system updates, discover our practical software management solution now. Deskcenter supports fast and easy implementation of your OS distribution and helps you manage a complex IT infrastructure conveniently and quickly.

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Why does automated OS deployment make sense?

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Installing operating systems manually on different devices can be often quite time consuming. With Deskcenter OS deployment you can automatically and uniformly deploy operating systems and save time.


Automated operating system deployment simplifies workflows in your IT department and in the rest of your company over the long term. As a result, there is a higher level of employee and customer satisfaction because errors caused from older systems do not arise and workflows are optimized.

Cost Savings

Deskcenter’s automated OS deployment module enables you to update operating systems regularly and uniformly, which reduces both physical and personnel costs. Furthermore, patches and updates are tested on one platform, saving time and money.


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Since we are using the Deskcenter Management Suite, we have noticed considerable time savings in many activities. Software updates and new patches are now installed centrally and automatically.

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24 to 7 including Sundays and public holidays – there is no downtime. Rolling out packages or reinstalling PCs – it all has to take place during ongoing operation. That is the battle that the IT department in hospitals has to win every day. You have to be able to rely on functionable software.


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IT Administrator und zuständig für die Softwareverteilung, RHÖN-KLINIKUM
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What are the technical features of Deskcenter OS deployment?

Complete Windows 10 migration

Deskcenter helps you quickly and automatically switch your operating systems to Windows 10. Our suite features the In-place wizard and a Windows upgrade tool to support you. With just a push of the button you can provide all of your clients with the current system updates.


Thanks to Deskcenter it doesn’t matter if you want to install or update operating systems on mobile devices or computers. Automatic driver identification and the incorporation of all parameters make it possible to quickly install all operating systems automatically and unattended.

In-place Upgrades

In-place upgrades are an important part of any OS deployment, because installed programs and settings remain intact and defined sources of error are overwritten. With Deskcenter, you can implement these corrections for numerous systems easily and effectively, saving time and work.


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You can intelligently expand the potential of your OS deployment by combining it with our innovative software deployment and patch management module. This combination will keep your software under control and ensure your IT security is working at its best.

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