DeskCenter Management Suite

The challenges you face today

Keeping a track of hardware and software license assets, ensuring that software and patches are always up-to-date, running the help desk, supporting multiple sites – does all this some­times over­whelm your IT team?

Or are the sheer number of your different tools making the administration of your IT more of a problem than a solution? DeskCenter will give you a single, easy to use solution, reducing your costs by up to two thirds, and allowing you to react flexibly to new requirements.


One modular solution, Complete control

The all-rounder: Businesses use DeskCenter to bring order to their IT. DeskCenter Management Suite has been holistically developed from practical experience to be seam­less and can also be implemented modularly.

The advantage is that license management, software distribution, and all specialized modules work together seam­lessly in an intuitive user inter­face.

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The suite that grows along with the business

With a starting point of a complete and accurate inventory of all your IT assets, including Computers, Servers, Virtual Environments, Peripherals, Components, Users and Mobile Devices this module provides a significant level of capability on its own. Add to that the complete License & Software Asset Management certified by KPMG, your organisation will not only have assured IT compliance, but see cost savings in optimised licensing based on actual utilisation. Additional capabilities such as fully integrated software deployment, OS deployment, Patch Management increases value even further.

One Solution, Complete Control of your entire IT Asset life cycle process.

Asset Inventory (ITAM)

The foundation for any ITAM Strategy is a clear inventory of your assets coupled with purchase, financial and contract detail. DeskCenter provides you with all the tools to create this using its agent-less technology, collecting > 3,500 pieces of data about systems hardware and software.

  • System Asset Management
  • File and contract repository
  • SNMP Inventory & Discovery
  • All assets covered
  • Financial control
  • Reporting
  • Flexible, Agent-less inventory

Software management

Software management is much more than software distribution. Job or rule-based, individual or complex applications or complete operating systems – DeskCenter allows you to distribute all your software intelligently. The AppCloud service automatically keeps the software up-to-date.

  • OS Deployment
  • Software distribution
  • Patch management
  • AppCloud service
  • Rules based policy enforcement
  • User self-service

Software asset management

License and software asset management is a commercial necessity as well as being an opportunity to realise impressive cost savings. DeskCenter tools give you all you need to intelligently identify software applications, manage your software license assets and create an audit-proof view of your software license position.

  • Extensive software recognition
  • Application metering
  • Automatic software categorisation
  • License and contract repository
  • Product & release recognition
  • All license metrics supported

Mobile device management

Include all your mobile devices into your IT Asset Management Strategy – with DeskCenter MDM solution. This not only become possible from a single platform, but using the integrated Citrix technology you can manage your mobile devices too; enforce policies, deploy packages, locate and secure devices all easily accessible from the DeskCenter MDM portal.

  • Complete OS support, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows
  • Security – Locate, Jailbreak detection, remote wipe, remote lock, password enforcement
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Web portal
  • Citrix technology
  • Internationalisation support – policies and language

Service management

Effective service management is at the core of any IT operation. Having an effective service desk can reduce support calls, improve response times, identify trends and much more. DeskCenter Service Desk leverages its other modules to provide a complete and efficient service desk environment.

  • Incident & Problem management
  • Configurable SLA support
  • Self-service portal
  • Knowledge base
  • Service calendar
  • E-mail connection
  • CTI support

System management

Changing a registry key or starting up a service plus many more daily tasks can be completed with a single click using DeskCenter. It enables remote control and management of systems directly from a single interface. Fully integrated with its asset management and service desk capabilities, DeskCenter system management adds value to and can become an essential part of any IT department’s toolkit.

  • Remote maintenance
  • Remote desktop functions
  • Scripting in C#, VisualBasic, or PowerShell
  • Task automation and event-controlled actions

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A quick summary

DeskCenter IT Asset Lifecycle management suite is the only solution you need to manage your entire estate, from IT Asset Management, Software Deployment, System Management, Software Asset Management to Service Desk. A complete solution that will deliver from day one giving a rapid return on investment.

  • Rapid deployment
  • Distributed organisations
  • Supports complex IT Structures
  • Multi-language interface
  • Control all processes from a single platform
  • Open interfaces
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Rapid return on investment