Support for Microsoft Intelligent Asset Manager to Help Customers Maximize the Value of Software Asset Management

DeskCenter Solutions AG today announced it is collaborating with Microsoft to help customers maximize the value of Software Asset Management (SAM), moving beyond license compliance and toward increased customer value. Microsoft Intelligent Asset Manager (IAM) enables DeskCenter’s partners and customers to more easily and transparently collect and securely share Inventory data and leverage Microsoft’s centralized service to establish a licensing position. This helps make time-consuming, expensive and disruptive reviews a thing of the past and enables more time and focus on helping customers manage their IT infrastructure and derive meaningful insight from this process. 

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DeskCenter Management Suite ist ab sofort verfügbar und steht zum Download bereit

Die neue DeskCenter Management Suite ist ab sofort über das Auto Update verfügbar und steht zum Download bereit. | Releasedatum: 28.02.2018 | Die komplette Featureliste finden Sie unter der Rubrik „Release Notes„. | Direkt zur Version gelangen Sie über unser Download Center. Bei Fragen zur Installation steht Ihnen wie gewohnt unser Supportteam zur Verfügung: Tel. […]

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