To develop our software solutions even more innovative and market-oriented, we rely on the expertise of selected technology partners. These special applications and add-ons complete the DeskCenter Management Suite useful and provide added value for your holistic IT management.

P! View, an authorization analysis tool, allows you to view, control, and analyze all user access to the folders in your file system and tells you which users are located in the displayed group. At the same time, this analysis base of access optimization also protects your system from data hacking and data encryption in the case of a cyber-attack, e.g.Ransomware

With OpenLM, the use of network licenses, including “concurrent use”, “floating” or “network named user” licenses can be measured. Integration into the DeskCenter Management Suite enables automatic import, licenses determined using OpenLM and their uses, including complete asset management.

samQ allows the permanent and fully automatic optimization of SAP licenses in all connected SAP systems and thus always produces the optimal license. Integrated in the DeskCenter Management Suite, samQ provides a holistic view of all SAP licenses used in your system.