Software Packaging

What exactly does software packaging mean?

The term “software packaging” generally describes the customization and preparation of software installations. These installations are configured in the form of a software package that does not require intervention by the user. Packaging software is therefore an important part of software deployment. It is also a preparatory activity that ensures software deployment is secure and convenient. In addition to standard software packages, customized software packages are available to accommodate a specific IT environment to make it more efficient. Moreover, the job of a software packager is to test the software packages so that installations run smoothly and are automated.

The amount of time and expertise needed for software packaging is often underestimated. This work is actually very complex, prone to errors, and time consuming. For every 300 clients there are on average ten applications with approximately ten updates each year to be packaged. Each package takes approximately two hours to create at an hourly rate of €50. 10 applications x 10 updates x 2 hours of work x €50/hr = €10,000.

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Why is software packaging (as a service) so important?

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Software packaging is often seen as a side job. This results in inadequate, deficient, and risky software deployment. You can avoid this scenario with Deskcenter AppCloud and our packaging service. Invest in standardized software packages including testing and automation.

Cost Efficient

Installing software packages saves both time and money. It also reduces the amount of personnel you need because you are streamlining and automating work processes. You can save even more in costs and time/resources if you leave the software packages to our qualified employees and choose our AppCloud service.



Without accurate software packaging, software installations are more complicated and take longer. This results in a high rate of errors. And in return, this poses a security risk to your IT environment. Minimize this risk by eliminating the error source. Let the professionals package your software by using our packaging service.

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We are happy to use the ready-made packages from the AppCloud and do not have to worry about whether they are up-to-date or spend a lot of time to assemble them. Ready-made software packages ensures a common software portfolio.


Marc Hoffmann
ICT project manager at SNV
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With Deskcenter AppCloud we provide new software or updates quickly and easily. We no longer have to concern ourselves with keeping these packages updated and complete. Deskcenter takes care of this for us and a large number of ready-packaged software is provided.



Herbert Saly
IT manager, Unger Steel Group
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What are the technical features the Deskcenter AppCloud software packaging service offers?

Current standard software packages

Our AppCloud provides you with the most current software packages for numerous standard applications at all times. You can then deploy them regularly by using our Click & Deploy technology or by defining rules. This saves you costly configuration time for each package so you can focus on more important things in your IT management.

Packaging special and problematic software

Can’t find your company’s software in our AppCloud? Then contact our software experts. They will carefully package, test, and regularly update your applications. Then use your personal packaging center to deploy it easily, efficiently and with flexibility.

Extensive testing

Testing software is one of a packager’s standard tasks. Testing ensures that installation goes smoothly and it helps to identify possible sources of error. With Deskcenter AppCloud our software specialists handle this for you, so you can skip this step and focus on other tasks.

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    Software Packaging

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