Software Management

What exactly is software management?

Software management is the management, planning, and organization of the applications and software components available in your IT infrastructure. That includes, for example, inventory processes, identifying security gaps, or automated and standardized installation processes. Managing licences or patches is also part of end-to-end software control. It ensures that all assets and clients have been checked for threats, are updated with the latest version, and comply with IT asset policies.



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Why is software management so important?

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Security also plays a big role in the range of software control. Standardized installation processes, various rights and role concepts or recording and analysis of existing versions and patch levels prevent, for example, unauthorized access and hacker attacks and are a part of end-to-end risk management.


IT managers often have a limited budget. Intelligent and holistic software administration can save cost in a clever way; software not in use can be identified immediately and expensive assets can be filtered out automatically.


Too much to do, not enough time. That’s a typical workday for an IT manager. Intelligent software control increases your productivity and efficiency and saves time by automating processes and standardizing workflows. The results of finished tasks can be documented easily.

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With dynamic distributors we can provide mobile systems with software and patches from the network where the system is currently logged in. So, employees can also get updates when they are located at another office or outside the company network.



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Information Technology Officer, GEISLINGER GmbH
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We are very satisfied with the DeskCenter Management Suite. It has to be emphasized that during the development of the product own wishes and requirements can be brought in.

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Leiter Fachbereich Information und Kommunikation, Stadt Straubing

What are the components of professional software management?


OS Deployment

Installing and configure operating systems can take a lot of time. This is time you probabley don’t have. With our OS Deployment module, you can deploy operating systems completely independently of the hardware of the systems and manage their configurations easily and maximum efficiency.


Software Deployment

Our software deployment module allows you to easily share applications with your assets, totaly regardless of location or time. In combination with patch management and OS deployment you will get a holistic software management solution for maximum efficiency with a minimum error rate and optimized costs.



Careful software packaging is another component of end-to-end software administration. It prepares the software for deployment and can be done quickly and easily with our AppCloud services. Let our experts package your software and reap the benefits of intelligent time and resource management.


Software Management

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