Software Deployment

What exactly does software deployment mean?

The term “software deployment” describes the processes used to install software packages or applications on technical devices. Typically, an organization or IT administrator is responsible for this, because not every user has the knowledge or authorization needed. The goal of software distribution is fast, automated, convenient and error-free initial installation, configuration, and maintenance of multiple software applications on various devices. This ensures that operating processes remain intact and your work environment is productive.

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Why does automated software deployment make sense?

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Manual software deployment can be stressful and take a lot of time. On the other hand, automated software distribution streamlines your work tasks, offering convenience and ensuring user satisfaction. Save yourself annoying  intermediate steps and manage your entire software landscape with one tool from a central workplace.


IT managers are often stressed and overloaded with routine tasks. Automated software distribution saves you time and also reduces the workload. Tasks can be organized irrespective of the time of day or location, meaning you can respond quickly and efficiently and structure your IT management so it is economical.



Humans are the number one source of IT errors. Defining automated standard processes is therefore also essential when deploying software if you want to close risky security gaps. The more automated a process is, the more secure your IT structure is. This means you can relax and focus on your other tasks.


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To provide and manage hardware and software has become very easy. For example applications that require an update every two to three weeks. If we would do that manually on over 1,000 PCs, it would take us weeks. Using Deskcenter this process is complete in one afternoon with the click of a mouse . The added value is enormously.

Lars Kümmeth
IT Administrator and Software Distribution, RHÖN-KLINIKUM
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We can now provide software centrally and automatically for all users. This was only possible manually before. Using software rules enables automated and managed distribution.


Herbert Saly
IT mananger, Unger Steel Group
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Our users appreciate that their work is not interrupted thanks to the straightforward provisioning of new software and updates.

Christian Albrecht
First Level Support, engelbert strauss
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What are the technical features of software deployment in DCMS?

Module integration

You can integrate Deskcenter Software Deployment easily in your OS Deployment, Licence Management and in other areas to support all processes. Benefit from a comprehensive endpoint management solution so that you can deploy the most current version of software to all of your clients at all times.

Web-based deployment

Deskcenter Software Deployment can be configured centrally and independent of location. Synchronization works automatically, includes bandwidth and access management, and can be varied by type (network share, ftp(s), http/https, etc.).

Software packaging as a service

Software packaging (as a service) is the basis for automated software distribution. Use our AppCloud service with hundreds of tested and immediately shareable applications and accelerate your software installations so you have more time to focus on other tasks.

Licence Management integration

Combine discovery of the installed applications by the Deskcenter Software Catalog with Software Deployment. Metering allows you to see which software is actually being used at the endpoint systems. This allows you to uninstall unused software and return these licenses to the license pool.

Rule-based updates

Software updates are a permanent process of reliable software management. With Deskcenter, you can define specific conditions for the endpoint systems. These are then observed when application updates are deployed. And the automation that results from this allows you to have more freedom and minimizes potential sources of error.

software deployment across locations

Do you want to deploy software to every client in your IT network, regardless of location and time? Not a problem with Deskcenter Management Suite. It allows you to reliably deploy current software, even to devices that are not in the company’s network (e.g., home office, external appointment).

Workflow-based software deployment

Deskcenter software deployment offers you pre-defined workflow functions, such as license checks, active directory, verification routines, file and registry operations, and an IT helpdesk without scripting. In addition, it has a graphical workflow editor.

Software Deployment

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Do you want to optimize and expand your software management from end to end? Then take a look at our OS Deployment functions and software packaging and acquire a license for our licence management so you can benefit from reliable and automated software deployment.

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