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What exactly is a service desk?

A service desk is the interface between the company and all service inquiries sent by users. It facilitates communication between the customer and service provider and is primarily responsible for implementing various business processes. The service desk can be set up strategically in various ways. One way is to define it as the single point of contact (SPOC) and therefore the sole channel through which customers submit tickets, service inquiries, or incidents (errors) by telephone, email, or online form. It also serves as a way to connect to external systems via API.

A synonym for service desk is help desk. For all intents and purposes, these two terms overlap thematically and both basically describe the way in which companies can support users with hardware, software, and services.

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Why is a service desk so important?

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The creation of a service desk is imperative for most companies worldwide if the company wants to provide quality service. With the help of detailed documentation, errors are solved faster, escalation processes are minimized, and the strain on support is eased over the long term.

User and customer satisfaction

One of the biggest advantages of a service desk is more user and customer satisfaction. Through the use of monitoring, automation, and a standardized contact tool, user inquiries can be processed more quickly and easily and in a central place. This increases customer satisfaction and user productivity, so that you have more time to develop and foster customer relationships. Over the long-term, it strengthens your company’s reputation and economic success.


A good service desk or help desk software helps your staff save valuable time. This includes automated processes such as automatically generated responses, ticket tracking, and ticket sorting. These are used to speed up routine tasks, identify weak points, and also increase productivity.

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Thanks Deskcenter we can make a clear division of responsibilities for the service desk employees and ensure single point of contact. The recording and processing of requests is now much faster and the user can view the processing status via web portal. We improve service quality, save time and increase transparency.


Rainer Dressel
Head of IT Organisation, IMO Holding GmbH
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Deskcenter is exactly the right solution for our requirements for a modular IT management system. We have been able to reduce the response times for second-level support enormously, thanks to Deskcenter.


Andreas Meier
IT manager, Hospital Agatharied
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The successful combination of Helpdesk and System Management and the holistic approach helps us to minimize the loss of production. The Deskcenter Management Suite has proven its worth in practice.


Holger Rozanski
CTO, Volkswagen AG
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What are the technical features of DCMS service desk?

Incident and error management

Incident management or error management involves troubleshooting errors that are suspected or have been identified. With our service desk you will find a ticket system that allows you to work in a structured, reliable, and flexible way. You are able to close, reopen, assign, automate, and document tickets, providing you with the benefits of a user-friendly workflow and detailed reporting.

Rule-based escalation

Rule-based escalation is vital for the processing of faults cause by errors. Deskcenter helps you define individual escalation processes so you can troubleshoot errors quickly and easily. You are able to define who should be notified in the event of an error and if a reminder should be sent. Furthermore, you can categorize errors, create category trees, and customize the input screen so it includes the information you need.

Knowledge Base

Our suite’s knowledge base gives you access to various topics and solutions at all times. Selected solutions to problems can be found via the search function or in the ticket catalog for the user to view. In addition, you can export solution scenarios directly from an existing ticket. This prevents the creation of tickets with the same issue so your support team has more time for other tasks.

Integration with Asset Management/ Licence Management

Deskcenter enables you to integrate your service desk into your asset and licence management environment. This makes it possible to troubleshoot faults and errors more quickly and minimize lengthy escalation management cases. Ideally, your service desk uses remote maintenance and scripting, as well as the shopping cart solution, to process errors and service inquiries more quickly.

ITIL compliance

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a collection of processes, functions, and roles that you can easily create with the help of our suite. It enables you to measure your IT processes and provides you with an accurate error analysis so you can skillfully achieve your long-term service goals. The service you provide will also improve over the long run thanks to an extensive knowledge database that provides fast and effective solution options any time.

Service Desk

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