A new dimension of software asset management

The era in which software asset management was a software tool to get through manufacturer licence audits is long gone. With the essential requirements of digital transformation, companies must be prepared for the future optimisation of their corporate strategy by automating their processes. At the same time, the IT department is required to implement this in an innovative manner. To achieve this, the company’s own software applications, which in turn make their products and/or services competitive, are increasingly managed within a hybrid IT infrastructure. Based on joint experience from over 1,200 successful customer projects, DeskCenter presents “SAM 4.0” – a modular software platform that enables our customers to implement all four core elements of value-based software asset management.


Asset Management

Know that you know what you need to know: Only those who know precisely which applications are available to which users on which systems and whether these are also used in a contractually compliant and process-led manner, have managed IT infrastructure using which they can build and expand digital transformation. mehr


Cyber Security

No open flanks during transformation: You have to ensure that no unrecognised security gaps arise in the IT infrastructure not only in the status quo but also on an ongoing basis. This must include the client infrastructure and installed applications as well as virtual environments and the system outside the network. mehr



Warning & optimisation suggestions before damage is threatened Continuous monitoring of your licence and process-related compliance issues (manufacturer licence audits, EU General Data Protection Regulation etc.), at the same time however also the optimisation of licence costs, from procurement to usage metering and cloud licence plans, protects from financial losses. mehr



Hand over processes to the system and agility: From monitoring via patch level management to deployment, you support automation options that contribute to the consolidation of your software portfolio and resource optimisation in the IT department in order to release critical resources for future-oriented tasks. mehr

DeskCenter SAM 4.0 – Digital Transformation Value Management – We maximise the added value of your IT investments and infrastructure.