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We are excited about the potential to take complete control of our software inventory and confident that Deskcenter will exceed our goals based on early results.


Head of Service Planning ESS

IT Assist manages more than 20,000 devices for the Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS) with Deskcenter

The primary function of Enterprise Shared Services (ESS) is to deliver efficient and effective customer-focused services primarily to the Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS). Its mission statement is “to make a positive difference to the delivery of public services through being customer-focused, high performing and innovative“. One of the key areas of ESS is IT Services. Called IT Assist, the organisation offers common IT infrastructure services to more than 21,000 customers in Northern Ireland CS Departments, Agencies and more than 40 Non-Departmental Public Bodies. Its customer base has also extended to the wider public service for reasons of enhanced service quality and cost value. This service covers the supply and maintenance of desktop computing, network infrastructure, internet protocol, telephony, data centre storage facilities, server hosting/support and helpdesk function.


  • Avoid overlicensing
  • Optimize IT budget
  • Capture and inventory hardware
  • Identify, detect and manage software applications


  • Complete control over software inventory
  • Detailed information about hardware and software inventory and application usage
  • License reports on usage of software

The Project

One of the IT Assist`s key objectives is to improve the management of all software used across the NICS. Good application management processes will help ensure that IT Assist adheres to the best practice for the management of software products in use, and also to ensure that money is not wasted by over-licensing products which are installed on computers but not used. Deskcenter has provided a suite of tools that fully met the projects needs. From extensive discovery and inventory of hardware, identification, recognition and management of software applications to the ability to understand fully how software is being used across the estate. The built in capabilities to manage installed software brings a unique opportunity to actively manage applications consolidating Software Asset Management needs and capabilities while bringing core process into BAU activities.

Why Deskcenter

After a public tendering exercise, the Deskcenter Management Suite was selected as the best platform to meet the needs of the government department from a functionality perspective, scalability and cost profile. With an estate of more than 20,000 devices, Deskcenter provided a platform that offers scalability, capable of supporting future growth and a platform that will allow the organisation to leverage additional capabilities,
adding incremental value to the base solution.

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We are excited by the potential of taking complete control over our software estate and confident, based on early results Deskcenter will enable us to achieve beyond our goals.


Damian Martin
Head of Service Planning ESS, IT ASSIST

Up to date Inventory and Better Control of Assets

Key features of Deskcenter have been used to deliver the project, supported by Deskcenter’s own consultants. Deskcenter’s SDI Agent was rolled out to all systems using SCCM for clients and other tools for servers, although, this could easily have been achieved directly through Deskcenter. Agentless discovery was used for a range of other systems, where this was more appropriate. All systems are inventoried on a regular basis providing detailed information on hardware and software inventory and application usage details. Fully integrated with Active Directory and various other platforms such as App-V, Deskcenter has provided a complete view on the entire application estate allowing detailed analysis when required. IT Assist is now able to create a report on individual applications which identifies how many licences are installed, where and how they are being used.

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