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Unger Steel Group

Performance boost at UNGER Steel Group for the entire IT infrastructure with Deskcenter

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    Performance boost for the entire IT infrastructure

    The Unger Steel Group, as a highly successful company, chose Deskcenter Management Suite in 2016. Since then, they have been managing their IT infrastructure with the software solution provided by their Leipzig-based ITAM solutions provider. In the interview, Herbert Saly, head of IT at Unger, describes the introduction of the solution and how Deskcenter delivers value in day-to-day IT operations.

    Mr. Saly, why was ist necessary to introduce a comprehensive IT management solution?


    “Until that point we were lacking the approptiate tools to provide our users with all of the necessary applications and program updates quickly and without delays. It was impossible to do this manually due to the rising numbers of apps and software updates. We needed a solution to automatically and easily distribute software, but also to install new systems and all of this in the shortest possible installation period.

    We were also lacking a complete overview of all the hardware and software used and the ability to view this in a flexible and comprehensive interface. The aim was to combine all of these requirements into a single solution and replace various individual programs.” 

    Since using Deskcenter we have been able to distribute program updates much quicker. The installation of new computers with the aid of OS deployment is now significantly easier and quicker.

    Herbert Saly

    Which tasks do you and your 4 employees complete with Deskcenter?


    “To date we have used the inventory and IT asset management functions and user management to provide complete management of our IT landscape. Using the Software Distribution and OS Deployment options we are able to manage all of our software deployment processes and needs”. 


    • Distribute central software and reinstall systems with less amount of time
    • Overview of the entire hardware and software inventory
    • Speed up and streamline IT workflows


    • Software management including software and operating system distrubution
    • Inventory and asset management including user management using the Deskcenter Management Suite
    • Deploy software centrally set up software rules for routine distribution, and assemble sequences with Deskcenter Workflow Designer

    How did you resolve the challenges that you described?


    “We can now provide software centrally and automatically for all users whereas this was only possible manually before. This is done using software rules that enable automated and managed distribution. With the practical workflow designer, we can build packages, installations and set-ups in any combination and sequence using scripts, system capability checks, registry entries etc. in order to ensure successful installation. This, combined with OS Deployment has also simplified the commissioning of new computers.”


    How does Deskcenter AppCloud help you do this?


    “With Deskcenter AppCloud we provide new software or updates to existing packages quickly and easily, with the option to automate the roll-out as required. We no longer have to concern ourselves with keeping these packages updated and complete. Deskcenter does that for us and provides a variety of ready-packaged software. This is how we ensure all of the computers are identical and have the same versions in order to close security gaps. Automating these processes saves us packaging effort and of course time; it also ensures that the applications are always up-to-date.”

    Unger Stahlhbau Firmensitz von oben

    How do you know what software to install and where?


    “As all of our systems are now in a central database, we have a good overview of our whole IT landscape, including all clients, servers and mobile devices. Based on this information, we can then set up all of the other processes, such as software distribution and OS deployment. The transparency we have gained also helps us to plan, consolidate and optimise IT investment.”


    How many systems and locations are managed with Deskcenter?


    “We now manage all of our 400+ systems. Globally we have 1,200 employees at various locations, including 560 in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. They were also linked to Deskcenter this year.”


    What finally convinced you to choose Deskcenter?


    “Apart from covering the criteria stated above, the simple operation and reliable technical support were also important during the evaluation. It goes without saying that cost value was essential. These were the points that convinced us. One of the advantages of Deskcenter is that all of the applications work together in one interface but can still be used autonomously, so we can grow the solution step-by-step as we expand.”

    The Unger Steel Group is one of the leading, most successful, international industrial companies in the construction sector in Europe. They specialize in structural and architectural steel, and offer turnkey delivery of complete and customized projects as a general contractor. Headquartered in Austria with 20 branches and 1,200 employees in Central Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, they provide regional access to the complete range of services offered by the Unger Steel Group. The company is family-owned, and number one in steel construction across Europe. Unger Steel Group has been a Deskcenter customer since 2016 and manages just under 400 systems with Deskcenter Management Suite.

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